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The Untamed Elemental by Tasya van Ree

This is not your ordinary oracle....there is something special and magical about this deck. The art implies a creativity that is bold, extraordinary, and geometrical in nature. Welcome to the Untamed Elemental by Tasya van Ree.

This deck invites you on a journey of intuition and tapping into a symbolic system that is far within the depths of each one of us. The geometrical patterns coalesce into a shape that is familiar. The colors are bold and vibrant on each individual card and perfectly constructed together. The work here is reflective of patience and a meticulous eye.

It is clear that Tasya is well versed in Cubism, a modern art movement that emerged in Paris in 1907 whose students included Pable Picasso. What are the features of Cubism exactly? 1: The application of multiple perspectives, 2: the use of geometric shapes, 3: a monochromatic color palette, 4: and a flattened picture plane.

In Cubism, objects and figures are broken down into distinct planes and reassembled into abstracted forms as can be seen here in the Crane card, the Sea Urchin, The Scorpion, and the Lynx. Other abstract concepts such as the Storm, the Sun, and the Star make you wonder how you yourself would translate them into geometrical shapes but we get the opportunity to see Tasya's personal manifestations of these.

This deck is organized by the five elements - that being Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Ether. Per the author, "These cards offer a ritual for working with the healing frequencies of the elements to develop a deeper relationship with your spirit." What power do the elements have exactly?


  • Symbolic Power: Stability, grounding, foundation, strength, resilience, growth, fertility, material world.

  • Practical Power: Agriculture, building, grounding techniques, physical manifestation, nurturing energy.


  • Symbolic Power: Transformation, passion, purification, creativity, destruction, warmth, inspiration, courage.

  • Practical Power: Transformation rituals, cleansing practices, artistic expression, motivation, overcoming obstacles.


  • Symbolic Power: Communication, intellect, ideas, freedom, adaptability, movement, inspiration, change.

  • Practical Power: Meditation, breathwork, communication skills, learning, mental clarity, breaking free from limitations.


  • Symbolic Power: Emotions, intuition, fluidity, cleansing, healing, adaptability, reflection, dreams, subconscious.

  • Practical Power: Emotional release, shadow work, creativity, intuition development, healing rituals, flow and surrender.

Ether (Akash, Spirit):

  • Symbolic Power: Consciousness, connection to the divine, infinite potential, emptiness, higher purpose, beyond physical realm.

  • Practical Power: Spiritual practices, meditation, connection to nature, expansion of consciousness, understanding interconnectedness.

It's important to remember that these are just interpretations, and the meaning and power of the elements can be subjective and personal. They can be seen as:

  • Archetypal forces: Representing foundational aspects of nature and the universe.

  • Energies within yourself: Reflecting different aspects of your own personality and inner landscape.

  • Metaphors for different experiences: Symbolic tools for understanding life's challenges and opportunities.

Ultimately, the power of the elements lies in their ability to inspire, guide, and empower us.


The author's guidebook offers a number of meditations you may want to consider when working with this deck and one includes activating the lightbody at night to receive messages from this deck. How does one do this? Before going to bed at night, shuffle the deck and then draw a card for guidance about a situation in your world that requires mending. Place the card under your pillow or on your nightstand and intend that your merkaba body will work with the energy of the card while you sleep.

Now, let's play pick a pile:

Take a breathe, ask your questions and pick a pile for answers. See the reveal below:

-PILE 1-

The Tree of Life

The Owl

-PILE 2-

The Flying Fish and the Sea Shell

-PILE 3-

The Bee and the Eagle

This deck is certainly a companion to any other tarot or oracle deck you may already have in your closet! It is great for personal intuitive deep dives, asking questions about what needs to be balanced in your life and which element you need to connect with in your life today; it is a tool for meditation and a source of inspiration for creative projects. This oracle is such an intuitive powerhouse it is just waiting to be explored!

P.S. Don't forget to share your own experiences with the Untamed Elemental Oracle in the comments below! 


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