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The Magic of the Awakening Tarot by Monica Bodirsky

Monica Bodirsky takes an Elemental approach to the world of Tarot in the Awakening Tarot. This deck celebrates our connection to the natural world around us. This Tarot deck is a watercolor wonderworld of the elements of air, earth, fire and water, the building blocks of magic.

Bodirsky created this deck as an instrument for self-transformation, "a tool to encourage true personal awakening." With this deck she combines divination with self-development. Her intention was to help you, the diviner, transition from a passive observer to an active participant.

In this deck, Bodirsky renames the traditional suit of wands, cups, pentacles, and swords, and replaces them with fire, water, earth, and air respectively. By using this deck, you can establish a closer relationship with the elements. By working with these elements, we are able to tap into the alchemical forces of nature to heighten our perception.

The ART in this deck is inspired by 19th century porcelain dolls retrieved from dump sites outside of German factories.

Cards from the Awakening Tarot by Monica Bodirsky:


This Tarot deck, similar to the traditional Rider Waite Tarot, approaches reversed cards as shadow advice. The shadow is representing a hidden, subconscious barrier you may wish to explore.

The guidebook for each card includes quotes, keywords, image descriptions, a message, and reflection questions. It includes several spreads including the missing elements spread, 4 card seasonal shifts spread, awakening the spirit spread, 3 card connection spread, and 4 card environmental spread. It further includes numerological meaning, seasonal, and weather symbolic meanings if you wish to take a much deeper dive.


While there are clear nods to the Rider-Waite Tarot, Bodirsky invested a great deal of her own creative approach to the composition of the deck. The Awakening Tarot court cards deviate from the traditional page, knight, queen, and king and include the initiate, voyager, artist, and visionary.

More sample cards below:

Personally, this deck feels very earthy and gritty like soil and stone. There are certainly witchy elements to this deck, combining the earth realm elements with the ether. This deck would be a great addition for any tarot card reading, Lenormand, and Kipper card reading, and even astrological reading. When I look at this deck and feel the energy of this deck in hand, I feel as if it would be a great deck to do a personal deep dive about your personal spiritual transformation; to gauge where you've been and where you are going. It would be useful to conduct a deep dive into the current lessons you are enduring and must overcome in your life. It feels authentic and interrogating and evocative. I recommend it for seasoned and new practitioners.


Take a deep breath. Ask a question and pick a card.


  1. INTIMACY: [The Lovers] This card is a message about making a choice, specifically about what and whom you love. It can also indicate that you may need to choose between two contrasting situations that may seem uncomfortable. Take the time to contemplate your true heart's desire in every area of your life and then proceed confidently. This card could also mean to look at your views on romance, intimacy, and close partnerships.


2. WELL-BEING: [The Sun] This card symbolizes the freedom of summer vacations and contentment. However, this energy is not dependent on the seasons, and you embrace this warmth and attitude throughout the year. Your compassion uplifts those around you, and your gifts of kindness will be repaid. A positive attitude changes things in your life in a way that will have a lasting effect.


3. PERSPECTIVE: [The Hanged Man] A willingness to see the perspective of others will assist you in your current situation. You may be on the verge of a major life or career change, or a situation has completely changed your mind about your goals. Don't be afraid to remain neutral or objective as long as you need before making decisions at the moment. Pause and process before answering or engaging. Look at things in a completely different way before proceeding.

Who is this Deck For?

The Awakening Tarot is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to:

  • Deepen their connection with the elemental realm

  • Explore personal growth and development through the Tarot

  • Gain insights into current situations and challenges

Whether you're a seasoned Tarot reader or just starting your journey, the Awakening Tarot offers a unique perspective on the Hero's journey through .


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