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Secrets of the Mystic Grove Oracle by Arwen Lynch + Mary Alayne Thomas

Secrets of the Mystic Grove oracle is a 44 card oracle deck with enchanting artwork that takes you into the beautiful grove to discover mystical truths about yourself! Full of color, vibrancy, and life, this deck answers questions about your spiritual path, cycles of life, and life lessons. The deck's energy is soft and calm and the watercolor imagery pops off of each card. In each card, you can expect the unexpected. In the grove you will find wise old owls, shifty foxes, black cats in a lady's hair nest, Peacocks in the hair, a flying tiger jumping over a tidal wave, black bears eating pomegranates, white barn owls and poinsettias, and sunflowers in bloom among many other.

While this deck is a collections of a super luscious garden, one I wish I could have and be in, a dream garden, there is no diversity in the entire collection. There is only Caucasian representation in the 44 cards. Let me say, I know this is quite common but many people are working to redress this issue in their oracle and tarot decks. Although you may not see yourself represented in the art, I still think if you are attracted to the art and energy of this deck, consider engaging with it as there may be some revelations for you.

As for the deck, each card has a number and key word and minor description. This deck also include journal prompts to "help you integrate the meaning of the card for yourself." As for the journal prompts, the author would like you to site down, shuffle your cards, pull one and then take a good luck at the card at hand. Imagine yourself as part of the scene. Observe how you feel as you contemplate the illustration. And then write for a few minutes whatever you come to mind. Perhaps this deck is connecting you to your higher self for answers?

Oracle Card Spreads: This deck include the Mystic Meadow Spread, which involves choosing 3 cards, similar to the past, present, and future tarot spread. However, Card one addresses: What is the primary thing you need to be aware of now? Card two addresses: What changes do you need to make? Card three addresses: What is the best possible outcome?

Let's see message the mystic grove has for you. Focus, think of a question, and pick one of the cards below.

Which card did you choose? Left, Center, or Right? Let's see below.


"Understanding where you are is not as important as heading for where you are meant to be. You need to set aside control, agendas, worries, and fears. Now is not the time to analyze every little piece of your life. You might lock yourself into anticipating one outcome when it's a completely different answer that arrives."

Center Card Reveal: DIRECTION

"The challenge of this card is less about finding your way and more about embarking. You have stopped long enough. Now is the time to choose a direction and take the first steps. Accept that some things will always be a mystery. The searching you have done needs to now become the impetus for your forward movement. If all directions seem equal, look for subtle signs that beckons you toward a specific path. Make your move.

Right Card Reveal: AWAKENING

"Open your eyes up to the world around you. Seek out new places, people and experiences. Let your thoughts blossom to all the possibilities, as infinite options unfold before you. As you awaken to the new days, remember to put any sorrow aside. Instead, focus on listening to the songs of birds, the hum of the bees. Shed your own cocoon for a shiny new you."

If these readings resonate for you then this deck might need to find a home with you!

How did I connect with the deck? Eerily. As soon as I opened the deck and began to clear and shuffle, two cards flew out. And these cards were eerily accurate about what has been on my mind. I feel like the energy overall is positive and the deck is intending to help you find clarity and direction.

So, how would you use this deck? What types of questions are useful here? Questions about health? Love? Finances? Career? or your spiritual path/spiritual growth. This deck can act as a companion deck to the Tarot. It can supplement questions pertaining to your career, your love life, and even your career. For example, if you were to ask questions about how to improve your relationship, you may receive answers such as bloom, trust, togetherness, adventure, or listen. For questions about for your career, you may receive answers such as letting go, observation, confidence, seeking knowledge, or acknowledgement. For questions about your spiritual path, you may receive message such as awakening, seeking knowledge, dreaming, protection, seeking council, or authenticity. Overall, I do like this deck, and as I said, it's pretty darn accurate! If you are drawn to the art and the messages, I would recommend perhaps taking a closer look at this deck.


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