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Herbs and Oils

Lately I have been studying natural ways to heal my body. I have been doing a deep dive into herbal magic remedies, healing oils, and infusions for the improvement of my mind, body, and spirit connection. In case you have been thinking about switching over to herbs and oils, I would like to make a recommendation list here! Of course, this will be updated the more I study. Enjoy and please feel free to comment and leave suggestions.


1) Rose - Self- Love & to attract love

2) Lavender -Love

3) Sage - Healing & Clarity & Clearing

4) Eucalyptus - Clarity

5) Cassia - Strength, Internal Power

6) Sandalwood - Psychic Vision

7) Myrrh - Psychic Vision

8) Chamomile - Calming

9) Holy Basil - Blessing & Prayer

10) Lemon - Clarity & Joy

11) Frankincense - Psychic Vision

12) Lilac - Love & Sexuality

13) Patchouli - Grounding

14) Jasmine - Love & Sexuality

15) Rosemary - Healing & Clarity

16) Basil - Grounding

17) Bergamot - Self- Love

18) Clove - Confidence & Strength

19) Ginger - Power & Self-Esteem

20) Frangipani - Joy & Playfulness

Herbs of the Earth are nature's apothecary. You can find encyclopedias on all things herbs in relation to healing and even to magick! I have been researching herbs since I would like to gave that particular connection and am listing some of my favorite herbs and even medicinal flowers here! I will include some recipes in my blog next week.


1) Basil - Aids digestion & Upset Stomachs

2) Yarrow - Use for bloating and stomach cramps.

3) Mugwort - Sleep with under your pillow for psychic dreams and to enhance psychic vision. Do not consume!

4) Motherwort - Reconnect to your mother and mother Earth.

5) Raspberry Leaf - Relief of menstrual cramps

6) Agrimony- Good for liver detox.

7) Marigold/Calendula- Gastritis, Reflux, and Ulcers

8) Elecampane - Aids in the relief of coughing & helps to fight infection in the stomach

9) Skull Cap- Inflammation and even anxiety!

10) Lemon Balm - A good tea for stress and anxiety

11) Rose- Add to tea for comfort and love

12) Thyme - Sore throat and arthritis. Aids in the reduction of high blood pressure

13) Burdock - Blood purifier and helps treat skin conditions like acne

14) Elderberry - Fights the flu and common cold

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