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Conscious Spirit Oracle deck by Kim Dreyer

The Conscious Spirit Oracle deck, created by Kim Dreyer, was published in 2013 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., but has been on my radar for quite some time and I finally ordered myself a copy. Kim Dreyer is a fantasy artist and graphic designer from Kimberley, South Africa. It was her own spiritual journey that inspired her to create this deck. Per Dreyer, these cards were designed to share their wisdom, allowing you to find your soul's purpose. Additionally, these cards will awaken you and remind you that you have valuable gifts and lessons to share with all of humanity.

The art in this deck is ethereal, filled with beaming light and loving messages. Some of the messages in this deck involve the chakras, archangels, goddesses, the elements and cycles of change.

At the bottom of each card includes affirmative statements to invoke healing and understanding. This deck definitely evokes a high vibration. As soon as I opened the deck, I could feel the intensity of its energy. The overall sentiment is positive, loving, and healing. I appreciate the level of detail that has gone into each image. It is helpful to look at the facial expression of each individual in the cards to better gauge what it is trying to teach. In some of the cards, there is a sense of joy, happiness, and peace, and in others, you can see the tension and longing for true understanding.

There is also a lot of movement in this deck. Some decks can feel stagnant, but the images here evoke movement of some sort, as if things are always in process.

Unfortunately there are no card spreads associated with the deck, which I think would have been helpful.

The introduction is quite short and similar to many oracle decks and even Tarot decks created by US Games before 2017, the guidebook is devoid of any images and paper based. With that said, the guidebook contains helpful messages associated with each card. The messages are quite grounded, not airy-fairy or dissociative of reality. Let's pick one card below for a message.

Close your eyes, ask a question, and then scroll down to find your card and message.

Left Card Reveal: Reach Out: "I reach out my hand and my heart to connect to and unite all of humanity." This card is about sharing your unique gifts with the world. Being fearless to put yourself out there in your community to help awaken others. This card is asking you to open your heart and connect to people near and far. Communicate with like-minded souls and learn from those whose cultures and beliefs systems are different from yours. Expand your world by expanding your heart. It is time to set aside your differences and connect to others on a soul level in order to spread love, compassion, tolerance, hope, and solidarity between all cultures and races. Only by joining together can you build a brighter future for all concerned.

Center Card Reveal: Transformation. "I journey within to meet my higher self and to find true happiness." Real, lasting happiness can only be found once you go within and connect to your true self. This card reminds you that transformation must begin from within and only you can decide to begin this journey. By acknowledging and understanding the darker aspects of self as well as your inner light, you can begin to move towards a greater understanding of who you are and what direction your life needs to move in. Light casts shadow--the two are intricately bound. Often it is your shadow self that give you courage and strength to live in the light. Be gentle and kind to yourself on this inner journey.

Right Card Reveal: Spirit Guides. "I open my heart to my guides and trust in the wisdom they share with me." Your spirit guides are a part of your support system here on earth. They can help guide you and protect you through difficult stages of your life. However, it is your responsibility to invite them in. They are always lingering about but you have free will and must extend the invitation. Once you have invited them, learn to read their message and signs because this is likely how they will communicate with you. Spirit guides rarely have the privilege of speaking with you the way you expect--they speak in symbols so spick a symbolic system and communicate with them that way! Even if you can't hear or see them, they are there and will help you the best way they can given your current spiritual state. This is a reminder that help is all around you and that you are never actually alone!

If you are seeking a deck to answer questions about your finances, I don't think this would be the optimal choice. If you are looking for an oracle deck to answer questions about love, I don't think that this deck would be my go-to. If I am in need of help with professional development, I think this could be a companion deck. For example, if you are asking how to heal an aspect of your business, this deck might be able to help. You might be guided to ask your spirit guide for more clarity to see what you're missing. You might be guided to rest if you're overworked and unable to complete a task adequately. You also might be guided to meditate to access more understanding of your business. I think this deck has definitely been created for lightwork. If you need upliftment, reminders of who you are, and guidance about how to heal, I recommend this deck!


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