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Speaking Engagements

If you are interested in connecting with me - 

Deanna loves to speak with audiences about Psychic Development, Connecting to your Intuition, Cartomancy, Invoking the Divine Feminine, Goddesses, and Working with your Higher Self. She has a strong stage presence and she captivates her audience by providing them with helpful and empowering information and tools they can use in their every day lives! Deanna is a very grounded individual and thinks on a practical level; she has the ability to connect to people personally and she creates an enlightening experience with her audiences. 


Media Kit Here

Previous Podcast Interviews

Deanna has been featured on:

  • The Path of the Awakened Heart Podcast, Episode #30

    • Topic: Believe in Yourself

    • Link HERE

  • A Soulful Rebellion Podcast, Episode#12​

    • Topic: Demystifying Magick Spirits​

  • Intuitive WTF Podcast, Episode#7​

    • Topic: Lack of Spiritual Diversity​

  • Chasing Spirituality Podcast, Episode #94

    • Topic: ​Awakening the Connection to your Spirit Team

  • Embody your Soul Podcast, Episode #30

    • Topic: Stepping out of Restricted Dogma

  • Innerbloom Podcast, Episode #596

    • How Religious Trauma can Affect your Spiritual Connection

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To Book Deanna


Please provide the following information:

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