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Over the past year I have had visitations from the goddess realm. I really wasn't sure what to make of it at the start. They were visiting me in my meditations at first and then they entered my dreams making sure I knew they were there. Initially there was Sekhmet, who helps with anger and divine rage. Next, there was Morgan LeFay and Cerridwen, and then I met Athena at the Parthenon in a fever dream I had while I was sick with Covid. That dream felt more real than even this life. I debated for a while about sharing these experiences with anyone but as the visitations increased I felt this was an energy I was supposed to learn about. Not in the traditional sense as in worship, but to understand life from the perspective of the divine feminine which has been suppressed for centuries. They would like to help me see things differently from the perspective of the divine feminine as I, like many of you, have been trained from the masculine viewpoint. I welcome this. Source has decided to expand my consciousness and provide me new experiences working with other light beings and I have opened my heart to these new energies. 


I have been practicing channeling the goddesses and learning how to work more closely with them to share information with you that will help you to understand life from the feminine aspect and embrace their wisdom. I will be updating my channeling sessions as I do them with the goddesses. I primarily work with Hera, Athena, and Artemis, since they have chosen me. I have much to learn from them and I am grateful that they are willing to help and have welcomed me into their space. These channeling sessions are by no means, "perfect," as I am still growing with them. They are learning sessions and I hope you find some meaning in their words. Thank you for listening. 

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The GODDESS DIVINE PODCAST is now released and available to listen to on Apple, Spotify, and Amazon Music.  

For more information you can find my intro video HERE. 

Channeling sessions

Session One: [Goddesses Hera, Demeter, Athena]

"Do not allow your minds and hearts to be enemies of each other." - The goddesses

In this channeling session we discuss: 

  • Connecting with the goddesses

  • Speaking good words

  • Medusa (an unexpected conversation)

  • The importance of equality on the earth and harmony

Session Two:  [Goddesses Hera, Athena, Hecate]

  • "Another word for shadow work is self-love" 

  • In this episode we discuss:  
    •  Following your dreams
    •  Building confidence

    •  Everyone has a mission

Session Three: [Goddess Ishtar]

  • In this episode we discuss: 
    • Women as the creators (create life)​

    • Emotions 

    • Duality

    • The Suppression of the Divine Feminine

    • Find this video on Vimeo Here

Session Four: [Goddess Hekate]

  • In this episode we discuss: 
    • Her presence

    • How to call upon her

    • Why goddess spirituality is being revived

    • Processing and Avoidance

Session Five: [Goddess Hathor]

"It is fear that will keep you UNEQUAL"

  • In this episode we discuss: 
    • Speak True Words

    • The Power of Corporations

    • Equality+ Inequality + Rights

    • Recognizing talents

    • Her goal is to awaken the heart

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