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Connecting to the Divine Feminine

An Invitation to the Goddess Realm

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Awaken the Divine Feminine Within: Journey into the Realm of the Goddesses

I was raised to believe that God is a MAN. In particular, a man with long grey hair, a long beard, and full of vengeance and judgment. Only MAN created. Only MAN  was DIVINE. Only MAN was able to communicate to GOD and operate as his intermediary.  But what about woman? Where was her role in the divine realm and why was she prohibited from being a creator? Why was her divinity being looked down upon? What happened to all of the goddesses of the ancient world? Where did they go? 


If you are like me, you questioned this at a young age and have been wondering ever since while subscribing to a patriarchal world. Well...I am here to tell you that it is time for the goddesses to be revived and to take their rightful place among divine authority figures. 

If you are feeling the pull of this realm then you've been called to reclaim your DIVINE FEMININE HERITAGE. If the stories of powerful goddesses stir something ancient within you then you are being called. If you are dreaming of the goddesses then you are being called. If you are looking for a more intuitive and compassionate way of life, then you are being called to this realm. 

This is your invitation to awaken.

Goddesses of Old...

Who are the Goddesses?

The concept of a goddess is multifaceted and varies across cultures, mythologies, and individual interpretations. 

Literal Deities:

  • In many religions and spiritual traditions, goddesses are powerful supernatural beings associated with specific domains like love, war, wisdom, or nature. They are worshipped and prayed to, seen as influencing human lives and the world. Examples include Aphrodite (Greek love goddess), Durga (Hindu warrior goddess), and Brigid (Celtic fire and healing goddess).

Archetypal Representations:

  • From a psychological lens, goddesses can be understood as archetypes, deeply ingrained symbols representing various aspects of the feminine principle. These archetypes embody qualities like creativity, compassion, intuition, and nurturance. Connecting with these archetypes can help individuals explore and integrate these qualities within themselves.

Metaphors and Symbols:

  • Goddesses can also serve as metaphors and symbols for powerful natural forces, societal values, or aspects of the human experience. For example, Mother Earth represents the nurturing and sustaining power of nature, while Lady Justice personifies fairness and the law.

What is their role?

  • The roles of goddesses have evolved throughout history. In some cultures, they held central roles, while in others their influence was more marginalized. Additionally, the portrayal of goddesses can reflect societal values and expectations of femininity. In contemporary contexts, there's a growing focus on reclaiming and reinterpreting goddesses in ways that empower women and promote gender equality.


What is their Impact on Human Evolution?

  • Whether literal deities, archetypes, or symbols, goddesses can impact human evolution and development in various ways:

    • Inspiration and Role Models: Stories and myths about goddesses can provide inspiration and role models for individuals, particularly women, encouraging them to embrace their strength, creativity, and unique gifts.

    • Personal Growth: Exploring goddess archetypes can help individuals understand and integrate different aspects of the feminine within themselves, leading to personal growth and self-discovery.

    • Connection to Nature and Sacredness: Connecting with goddesses often involves connecting with nature and the divine feminine, fostering a sense of awe, wonder, and belonging to something larger than oneself.

    • Healing and Transformation: Goddesses can offer archetypal guidance and support for healing from trauma, overcoming limiting beliefs, and embracing authentic selves.

Through this Training, the Goddess is leading you into a mystical 12-14 week journey to quantum leap into Divine Feminine healing, transmutation, and goddess connection.

The Course

Join us on a 12-14 week journey through the realm of the goddesses, where you will:

  • Connect Directly to the Goddess Realm: Learn practices to tap into the subtle energies of the goddess realm, opening yourself to guidance and inspiration.

  • Explore diverse goddesses from Isis to Inanna, and identify those who resonate with your desires and strengths.

  • Craft powerful rituals and practices: Engage in guided meditations, journaling prompts, and creative rituals to connect with the goddesses and weave magic into your daily life.

  • Heal limiting beliefs: Release patterns that hold you back and reclaim your feminine power and authentic voice.

  • Cultivate self-love and acceptance: Celebrate your unique gifts and embrace your divinity.

Stop settling for less than you deserve. Embrace your goddess-given power and create a life that reflects your true magnificence.

Join us. The time is now.

Initiation One
Diving into the Underworld with Hekate, Persephone, and Lilith

Healing the Self: Shadow Work with Persephone, Hecate, and Lilith.

  • Subconscious Hacking 

  • Self Forgiveness

  • Self Acceptance

  • Initiation includes: Meditations to connect, Altar work, Rituals, Petitions, Healing the subconscious, and a Channeled Message from Lilith, Hekate, and Persephone



Initiation Two
The Primordial
Mother Goddess Asherah + Demeter

  • Connecting with the original Canaanite Mother Creator, Asherah

    • Abundance with Asherah​

    • Manifestation with Asherah

  • Re-mothering the Self with Demeter

    • Inner Child Healing

    • Healing Patriarchal Mothering

  • Initiation includes: Meditations to connect, Altar work, Rituals, Petitions, Healing your inner child, and a Channeled Message from Asherah and Demeter



Initiation Three
The Inner Warrior with Athena + Ishtar

Strategy, Discipline, Self Commitment with Athena + Ishtar

  • Reworking your Career + Dreams based on strategies from the Olympian Warrior Goddess

  • Self- Motivation

  • Revisiting Education +Craft+ Goal Setting

  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage

  • Initiation includes: Meditations to connect, Altar-work, Rituals, Petitions, Setting goals + Discipline, and a Channeled Message from Athena + Ishtar

Image by Hert Niks


Initiation Four
Wilding + Liberation with Artemis

  • Connecting with the goddess Artemis

  • Creating the Life you Want Fearlessly

    • Adventure + Exploration

    • Freedom + Liberation

  • Initiation includes: Meditations to connect, Rituals, Petitions, Healing feelings of self-imprisonment, examining inner freedom, Altar work, and a Channeled Message from Artemis



Initiation Five
Loving the Self with Aphrodite

  • Connecting with the goddess Aphrodite

  • Self Love

    • Beauty

    • Self Acceptance

  • Initiation includes: Meditations to connect, Altar-work, Self- Love, Rituals, Petitions, and a Channeled Message from Aphrodite



Initiation Six
Magick and Healing with Goddess Isis

  • Connecting with the goddess Isis, Queen of Heaven, Mistress of Heka

  • Magick of Isis

    • Amulets + Protection

    • Spells, Chants, Talismans

    • Medicinal Healing Power

  • Initiation includes: Meditations to connect, Rituals, Petitions, Spells, Healing, and a Channeled Message from Isis



Initiation Seven
Managing Inner Power with Goddess Hera + Sekhmet

  • Connecting with the goddess Hera + Sekhmet

  • Healing Anger

    • Jealousy

    • Vengeance

    • Setting Boundaries

  • Building your Queendom

  • Initiation includes: Meditations to connect, Rituals, Petitions, Healing, and a Channeled Message from Hera + Sekhmet



Initiation Eight
The Inner Oracle with the Pythia, Phoebe, Hera

  • Connecting with the goddess Hera, Phoebe, and the Pythian Priestess

  • Accessing the Inner Eye

    • Awaken Spiritual Gifts

    • Channeling Goddesses

    • Healing past wounds of persecution

  • Seership with the Oracle

  • Initiation includes: Meditations to connect, Rituals, Petitions, Healing, and a Channeled Message from Hera + The Pythia



Initiation Nine
Feminine Leadership with Goddess Hathor and Lilith

  • Connecting with the goddess Hathor and goddess Lilith

  • Divine Feminine Leadership

    • Intuitive Leadership

    • Compassionate Leadership

    • Re-envisioning Power

    • Confidence + Self-Expression

  • Initiation includes: Meditations to connect, Altar work, Preparation, Rituals, Petitions, Healing, and a Channeled Message from Hathor + Lilith


Initiation Ten
Healing + Inspiration with Goddess Brigid

  • Connecting with the goddess Brigid

  • Healing Illnesses

    • Intuitive Healing

    • Natural Remedies

    • Wellness + Balance

    • Fiery Inspiration 

  • Initiation includes: Meditations to connect, Altar work, Preparation, Rituals, Petitions, Healing, and a Channeled Message from Brigid



Initiation Eleven
Sorcery with Morgan le Fay

  • Connecting with the dark goddess Morgan le Fay

  • Sorcery + Magick

    • Elemental Magick

    • Vision + Prophecy

    • Dream work

  • Initiation includes: Meditations to connect, Altar work, Preparation, Rituals, Petitions, Healing, Sorcery, dreamwork initiation + practices, and a Channeled Message from Morgan Le Fay


Coming Soon 5.30.24

If you are interested in taking this course with me directly 1:1 and have questions, please click the button below. 

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