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About Me

Author, Podcast Host, Teacher

I  am very happy  to announce the publication of my oracle deck, the Higher Self Oracle, has been released. The art was created by Deborah Rodriguez; you can find her HERE. The goal of this oracle is to connect you to your Higher Self to answer some of life's most challenging situations and get clarity on your path ahead. More details about the deck can be found here and here.  I am beyond grateful to the publisher and artist for making this dream come true! You can order your copy here today! *Available also at Barnes and Noble and Walmart.

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New Book - In Process


My Book

I  am the author of Awakening the Psychic Self: A Christian Perspective. This book is about my journey as a Christian and follows how I reconciled my intuitive abilities with my Christian upbringing and with Biblical teachings.  You can order your copy here: Awakening OR Here: Psychic Self *Available also at Barnes and Noble and Walmart.

Past Podcast Interviews

Podcast Interview: Topic: Lack of Spiritual Diversity | Intuitive WTF Podcast, Ep. 7. 

Podcast Interview:  Topic: Awakening the Connection to your Spirit Team | Chasing Spirituality Podcast, Ep. 94.

Podcast Interview: Topic: Demystifying Magick: Spirits | A Soulful Rebellion Podcast, Ep. 12. 

Podcast Interview: Topic: Stepping out of Restricted Dogma | Embody your Soul Podcast, Ep. 30.

Podcast Interview: Topic: How Religious Trauma can affect your Spiritual Connection | Innerbloom Podcast, Ep. 596

Podcast Interview: Topic: Believe in Yourself | The Path of the Awakened Heart Podcast, Ep. Believe in Yourself


Hello ALL! Am I busy? Hells Yes.... I am in the process of writing my second Non-Fiction book. This book, so far, is about the Feminine Path of Seership. It will touch on topics such as the destruction of the divine feminine (from a historical and academic perspective) and its modern revival (which includes various spiritual traditions and practices) as well as the divine feminine's path to seership. In this book, I will introduce the methodological steps to becoming a modern day seer!

The Publication DATE - TBD. 

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