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Publishing Non-fiction, Timing, Commitment to your Goals and Dreams

I have decided to create a course on publishing your non-fiction manuscript; this course should be up and running by June 15th. I am in the process of putting this together, among many other projects I have working in the fire. One of the "consequences" of getting my PhD was that I fall prey to boredom unless I have multiple projects and goals competing for my time and attention. I wanted to talk about goals and dreams today as many of the seeds I planted YEARS ago are finally coming to fruition, which has taught me a lot, and I wish to share this with you. I think, given the state of our society and the instant gratification we experience through multiple technological mediums, there is an expectancy that our dreams manifest almost instantaneously. Perhaps, even that our goals should be automatically fulfilled just because. But, this is not the case. Like everything else in life, you must put the work in to see the reward.

I wrote my book, Awakening the Psychic Self, more than 2 years ago and am now starting to see the fruits of my labor of love. Publishing a book is no easy feat and you must have discipline and sheer commitment to see it through, especially if you are not working with a literary agent. I had a big dream and I worked full time, as I do now, and at the start, I knew it was going to be challenging to write a book, do the research, and after work every night and then finally submit it . But I also knew that God couldn't do for me what he couldn't do through me. Thus I carefully and strategically organized my time until I had a working draft. I think in some New Age circles there is a grand misconception that if you just think it, and ask for it, your dream will miraculously manifest without any effort on your part. This is a fallacy. We all have to hit the pavement, make commitments, and be disciplined to materialize the goal at hand.


Now, let's talk about timing. There really is such an annoying thing called Divine Timing. Again, we want everything to manifest on our watch, according to the time we think is best. But, God doesn't operate according to our clocks. I say this because, again, I planted many seeds in my life more than 3+ years ago that I am only now seeing emerge from the ethers. This has taken a lot of patience on my part. I expected to see results in the blink of an eye, and of course, things did not work out that way. There were many pieces that needed to line up for particular dreams to come to life. I couldn't see it at the time, but God needed to give me a new job, a new location, and new friends! This all sounds good but there was a lot of unexpected loss to make my dreams come true. My overall message here is to trust God's timing when it comes to manifesting your dreams. God can see everything and you simply cannot. Do not try rush your dreams; you will make mistakes and likely miss some major synchronicities. Trust that God will rearrange what needs to be rearranged for the manifestation of your creation.

A dream really is a goal with a deadline. You need to be realistic about your goals and organization is key as well as giving yourself a REAL deadline. In order to really succeed you have to be accountable and productive. You MUST stick to your daily planner to move the needle one inch; otherwise your idea will always remain in the dream state. It doesn't matter what the dream is, you MUST work on it to see it come to life. Some people will always get stuck in the "what if" phase, but if you really believe you are a co-creator alongside thee creator, then you have within yourself the ability and resources to make your dreams come true. This does not negate the fact that you are the boots on the ground and must be the little engine that could to make your dreams come true. I can promise you that if you steadily work towards achieving your goals, then you will be helped along the way and they will come to pass.

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