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There is Nothing Permanent Except Change.

This deck is the Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle.

|The Moon|

The current health crisis has unexpectedly upended thousands of lives financially, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. Many people don't know how they are going to pay their bills, take care of their children, and remain healthy at the same time. It has caused many to ask, why me? Why now? What is this all for? I, too, have been asking the same question. As a human, it is hard to understand the why behind anything, but something bigger than day to day problem, is very challenging to comprehend. The moon comes today to tell you that yes, things are not clear and the path forward is filled with uncertainty and per this card, looks bumpy, windy, and treacherous to say the least, but we must takes steps nonetheless if we want to move forward. This path may bring out the wild side--the angry side, the impatient side, uncontrollable fury. But this is a natural response to unexpected and painful change. This path may also bring out the tame side of our being once we accept that change is indeed inevitable and we must push forward.

|Eight of Cups|

As seen in the Eight of cups this time requires us to dig deep and reflect during our dark hours, and as a result, many of us are going to leave things behind that we always knew didn't hold that much importance anyhow, even though they seemed so at the time. But what does it mean to shed the meaningless things? It means to identify what is important, what has eternal worth and value that can't ever be taken away, even after the end of this incarnation.

|Six of Pentacles|

Where do we go after we leave behind what had no real worth? We move towards a path of love as seen in the Six of Pentacles. Love is the most important energy in the universe and this force can move mountains. To love is to help, not just yourself, but others, especially when they are down and out. Giving back, donating your time and money to others who need it to survive not only assists them, but helps you evolve! Showing and giving love, which is what that is, helps you to remember who you are and why you're here. It also helps get you out of fear-based, powerless, helpless thinking, which has taken hold of a good portion of the population. When you extend a hand to others, not only will you get love in return from those you help, the universe shines on you too in ways that are inconceivable. This card also reminds us that what we choose to give is what we get. This is indeed a time to be selfless and thoughtful; don't worry about what you give away, it will always be replaced by something better.

|Eight of Wands|

As I just stated, we get what we give and in the eight of wands, we see the wands moving fast in a specific direction, the future. The wands represent jobs and opportunities and the leaves sprouting from the wands indicate abundance. This is the return on your investment of love and kindness you showed to others. The universe always replaces in one way or another and this card indicates that doors will open and opportunities will be available for those who have been seeking. These opportunities are acts of love from the universe which echo the same acts of love you gave to others.

Impermanence is a truth of life on Earth and elsewhere in the universe; everything must evolve and evolution is chaotic, disarming, and painful, but it also brings births new energies and new perspectives, something more beautiful than it was before. May this time of impermanence bring out something new and beautiful in your life as well.

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