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Perseverance- Making the impossible, possible.

I wanted to write about the long, arduous road to building our dreams, which usually includes a matrix of ingredients, some selected by us, and some selected by the universe. Personally, I would argue that a majority of us have held particular dreams in our hearts, which have unfortunately been crushed by the weight of the monotony of life and the fear of taking a risk. For those of us who have large responsibilities, such as burdensome debt, children to take care of, perhaps ailing parents, etc., it can seem that following our dreams is really just some distant dream. There is no getting around the harsh realities of life, which do require being responsible and tending to the every day. But, in this short blog today I wanted to provide some encouragement to those whose hearts are heavy with the knowledge that your dreams have been steadily calling you. What is the actual first step to answering the call of your heart?

1. Listen. Find some quiet time, place your hand over your heart, and ask it what it desires the most. You will indeed hear it, and its answer may startle you initially. But, listen you must because you have a responsibility to your spirit to manifest its dream, which is really its truth.

2. Write it down. Find a journal and write down what you heard. Writing is the initially descent into grounding this dream, your vision, into reality here on earth.

3. Ask for a sign and pray for guidance. This is your job. Spirit has most likely been waving signs in your face for a long time now, but you just haven't been paying attention. Ask spirit/your guide/angels/beings of white light to show you a clear and direct sign to first, validate what you heard, and then to show you what you can do to take the first step.

4. Take the first step. Rest assured that spirit will show you what you need to do to start this particular journey. Trust your gut when it comes to this. You will, undoubtedly question if the guidance you have received is real - trust your intuition and follow through; remember, God can only work THROUGH you.

5. Ignore self-deception. Your ego is going to act a fool at the beginning of this journey and will scream, kick, and yell to make sure its voice is indeed heard. It will tell you that you don't have enough money, that you're way too busy and do not have enough time, that you're not good enough, that this can't happen for you---the list is as endless as the ego's lament. Ignore this. This is the false self, the false voice that is immature to the knowledge and wisdom of your spirit.

6. Believe. Remember you are a co-creator alongside the miraculous creator! One of your main jobs is to believe in yourself and in the vision. If you don't believe it, how can you ask someone/something to believe in it? The power and dynamic energy of your belief is harnessed by creation itself to materialize your dream into the three dimensional plane. When you begin to doubt, trust in God's knowingness; God knows who you are, your eternal worth, and your value and always has your best interests at heart. God knows your dream and wants to help make this a reality.

Again, it is easier to dictate a method for you to use without knowing the context of your individual journey -- some journeys are more complex and painful- comprised of unfortunate building blocks for the development and molding of the soul. Thus, your dream, because of some reason or other, and there is ALWAYS a reason usually perpetrated by the cries and shrills of your juvenile ego, will always appear unreachable and impossible. Today I am encouraging you to discount this voice and know yourself. This means, remembering who you are and that everything is possible. I am not saying to expect the manifestation process to be easy, it typically isn't. But you will not even get to experience this process if you allow every roadblock to act as a detour to your dreams. My overall message to you is to go for it and persevere. Yes, there will be the initial fear, yes your ego will give you every excuse as to why you shouldn't even try, yes you will think you don't have the money or the time or the damn support- this is all to be expected. But it is your responsibility to trust the power of your mind and spirit and heart to make the impossible possible. Again, you are not alone in this process, the collective (God/higher power/goddess) is in harmony with your dreams and working on your behalf to help your dreams become a reality. Someone's dream always touches and affects someone else in an unforseeable way so even though you may think that it doesn't have value or worth, remember, God does not make mistakes and your dreams are not a mistake. I am hoping that this little letter touches you today and gives you the boost you need to try, try, and try again.

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