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The Intergalatic Council + Star Beings

This week I had a short conversation with the archangels about star beings and the intergalactic council. Please note, I do not channel star beings such as the the Arcturians, Andromedans, Pleiadeans, etc., and I have never had any interactions with them. However, I have been very curious given the rise in communication with these star beings. I have asked the archangels a series of questions about them and will include their answers in this blog post. More to come soon. See below.

  1. Can you speak about why beings from Arcturus, the Pleiades, and elsewhere, want to interact with humanity now? Answer: To help humanity bring forth truth- to see/to learn what really is God and what isn't.

  2. What is God? Answer: Pure Energy, Love.

  3. What isn't God? Answer: Hate, Evilness, darkness, malevolence.

  4. Many people believe God has abandoned them. Many people have had loss and other dehumanizing experiences and ask where God is during those times. Because they don't feel God's presence or don't receive the help they need - they believe God doesn't exist. Answer: He is there. He never leaves. He lives within you, he guides you despite what you believe.

  5. What do these brings want to share about being a human? Answer: To be a human, from their perspective, is a difficult task. There are many feelings, many energies that will hinder you and many that will change you. (I didn't ask more because my time was limited. I will ask again for more clarity and information).

  6. How can we communicate with these star beings? Answer: Communication is available for some beings, advanced ones. They will speak with you if they will it.

  7. What is the galactic council? Answer: They are perceptive beings from elsewhere. They are missionary beings, emissaries, guides from another place. The council speaks the truth. They oversee certain species and sometimes oversee humans. The archangels help these emissaries. These emissaries have been humans before. Their age- "around for eons." They are exceptional beings.

  8. What is the mission of this council? Answer: They devote themselves to "The way," or "Mastery of Self." They help other beings learn about their true self.

  9. What about advances start beings? How does the council help them? Answer: They help them too, to control themselves, to live in a way that is healing, to challenge themselves, to master themselves.

  10. Tell me more about these star beings. Answer: These beings as you say, they can instigate change for some people. They want people to know that many people here do not believe in self, or even believe in this (angels, channeling). The Pleiadeans are guarded beings - they are knowledge seekers, explorers too. The Arcturians, they are seekers too, and lightworkers. On the next 5-10 years many people will be contacted by these beings as you will see - not permitted to reveal all at this time. There is no reason to be scared of these star beings, however, be mindful of those you seek and why. Have discernment, for not all beings have good intentions. They say it is time for a change there upon your plane - minds must change - people need to hear this- about the self, the ego lives in all beings - it brags about itself. The ego prospers here among many beings. Connection must be made for advancement on your plane (Earth). Connection with the true self: love for others, forgiveness. People must explore the self, undertake this task. If they see themselves then they will see and believe that they are exceptional beings - they will come to understand the truth about themselves, this land, this place, their mission, and understand and know that the All that lives within them.

My time channeling with the archangels was limited given that I have been short on time lately. I will channel more soon for more information about this council and other star beings who appear to be making contact with a number of spirits here.


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