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The Fairytale Tarot

The Fairytale Tarot by Bastet Tarot is a 78 card deck structured on the traditional Rider-Waite tarot. The Art is very ethereal and dreamy with splashes of gold, pinks, turquoise, and milky white. This deck is illustrated by "Bastet Tarot" and can only be found at the online Bastet Tarot etsy shop!

In this deck you will find the traditional images mixed with a modern interpretation and intersection of animal motifs. What makes this deck truly unique is that each card representing a person has no renderings of a face at all. It is left to your own imagination to create the face of the High Priestess, the Hierophant, the Queens, Kings, and Pages. They are a blank canvas that can absorb the definitions assigned to them by you.

Purchasing the guidebook is completely optional, however, in my opinion is worth purchasing. It is always interesting to see how other people define and/or intuit the meanings of the major and minor arcana. The Empress card as seen here deviates from the traditional motherly image seen in the traditional structure. Rather, she stands as the vessel ready to be impregnated with ideas, imagination, and creativity.

Element: Earth

Astrology: Venus

Archangel: Gabriel

Keywords: Fertility, Beauty, Excess, Luxury, Growth, Divine Feminine

In the image above you see the artist's renderings of the King of Wands, wherein the artist choose to forgo the traditional stately image and instead uses a regal crown to signify power, leadership, and a commanding presence.

The Five of Pentacles is a major deviation from the two individuals we envision in rags and on crutches. What you see is here is a beautifully crafted Elephant doused in watercolors of rose, gold, and blues. The Five of pentacles is usually a card of struggles, loss, setbacks, and material difficulties, which is hard to perceive from this image but it is beautiful nonetheless; perhaps it reminds us that there is beauty even in times of illness and loss.

The Temperance card features a zebra whose black and white lines are symbolic of the dual energies of life and the need to balance the light and dark within ourselves.


The Strength card is similar to the Rider Waite with the lion as central to the card's message. However, the woman taming the lion is missing and we see the more calmed aggression of the lion.

Element: Fire

Astrology: Leo

Archangel: Ariel

Keywords: Inner Strength, Self-Assurance, Self-control, power

The Ten of Wands embodies burden, pressure, taking on too much, and unreasonable obligations. The abundance of feathers symbolizes the abundance of wands the person carries in their life.

Element: Fire

Astrology: Saturn in Sagittarius

Let's play Pick a Card with the three cards shown above. Close your eyes, think of a question, and then pick one of the cards for a message. See below for the reveal.

Card #1: The Star - This is a card of hopes, dreams, optimism, healing, and renewal. Whatever you are hoping for will come! If you are working on a project, keep going, further insight is at your fingertips. If you are having troubles, they will ease, if you are asking a YES/NO question, then YES!

Element: Air

Astrology: Aquarius

Archangel: Jophiel

Card#2: The Eight of Swords - This card is about interference from internal influences. There may be some sort of mental blockage, a self-defeatist attitude, holding yourself back, and negative thinking. There is a need to release what you cannot control, forgive what has happened, trust yourself, and think positively. If this is a YES/NO question then the answer is NO.

Element: Air

Astrology: Jupiter in Gemini

Card#3: Two of Swords - This is the card of indecision. There is a need to either go with your head, or go with your heart. You may be stuck between a rock and a hard place. It is time to make a decision here; either one that is traditionally logical and rational, or an intuitive choice. Which will you choose?

Element: Air

Astrology: Moon in Libra

Overall, the packaging quality here is impeccable. I don’t have a complaint about the quality of this deck. It’s absolutely ethereal, otherwordly, and stunning! If you are a Tarot enthusiast then these cards will make a great gift!


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