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The Cat Tarot by Bastet Tarot Creations😊

The Cat Tarot is a beautifully created Tarot deck created by Bastet Tarot Creators. This deck feels as if it was inspired by Art Nouveau artists such as William H. Bradley, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Alexandrea -Theophile Steinlen who created the poster, Le Chat Noire. It is a very fun and playful deck and contains the standard symbology of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck which is helpful if that is your go-to deck. The cats here are not furry but they are certainly are fun with their wild expressions, grandiose eyes, oversized tools, and sometimes judging stares.

The guidebook contains the associated elements, astrology, archangel, and keywords for each card. This deck also considers reversed meanings in case you choose to read your cards that way.

I have to say that this deck is really one of my favorite Tarot decks that I have seen over the past few years. It is really creative, thoughtful, playful, and expressive. Gold is a color that runs through most of the cards in this deck. The cards are glossy and quite sturdy card stock. They shuffle well and are about the same size as the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

If you are a Tarot Reader, you really may want to pay for this deck to add to your tool kit.

As always, let's do a few pulls. Choose One of the piles below for guidance. Pile One? Pile Two? Pile Three?

Take a breath. Ask your question and intuitively choose your pile. See your results below.


The Chariot: This a card of success through difficulties and trials. It highlights more than the will to succeed - it highlights the drive and ambition - your will in action. And in the current climate - progress.

The Four of Swords Reversed: In the reversed position, this card indicates insomnia, the need for rest, recovery, and the beginning of healing.

The Three of Cups Reversed: In the reversed position, this card means excess, over-indulgence, gluttony, and an imbalanced social life.


Card One: Seven of Swords - In the reversed position, this card means being caught, doing something sneaky, feeling ashamed of your actions, blaming others for your mistakes, and or walking away at a crucial point.

Card Two: Five of Coins - This card indicates difficulty. It is a card of struggles and material difficulties. Doors may close and every attempt at forward motion is met with obstacle after obstacle. Working is often a thankless task. It can also indicate illness and/or financial difficulty.

Card Three - Strength - You may never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have left. This card talks about developing that courage from within. This is not battling yourself per se, though the need to overcome some personal addiction or trait you decide is unfavorable definitely falls into the realm of this card. Today you are being asked to take stock of how you deal with life and then internalize the results.


Card One: Queen of Coins - Any work you day will require a great deal of effort but you can rest assured that you will reap the rewards materially. Success is indeed to be had! If you're owed money, you may see it returned soon. Any jobs or contracts you've put in for, or are working on today, have a green light for go and carry with them the halo of success.

Card Two: Eight of Wands - The energy of the 8 of wands is high! This card indicates swiftness. Prepare to expect the unexpected. Messages will arrive quickly. Anything that has been delayed may surprise you by arriving early - packages, contracts being signed, pay raises - the list is potentially limitless.

Card Three: The Tower - This card represents chaos and destruction. It can mean sudden upheaval and unexpected change. This change is usually scary, life changing, and often unavoidable. Always remember that renewal and creation follow this card.

When I first received this deck I was quite giddy! I don't consider myself a connoisseur of anything cat-related but was excited to get this one in the mail! I connected easily with the Cat Tarot. There are other cat tarots out there but I do think this is the best one to purchase. While it can be used to address any type of reading, I do feel like it's such a fun deck with playful energy, I like using it for everyday concerns and to provide clarity on new ideas, new projects, and manifestation goals.

If you want a copy you will have to look on Etsy under Bastet Tarot.


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