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Oracle + Tarot card Spreads

Today I wanted to focus on how to use oracle cards and the various spreads available to help you on your journey. Whether you are reading only for yourself, or for others, the spreads I listed below are helpful to finding the answers you seek. It is about to be 2022 and I am sure many of you are looking to get a reading or clarity about the New Year. If you want to provide a reading for yourself, consider using one of the spreads in this post. If you are new to Tarot and are looking to learn, consider listening to my Podcast, Intuitive Awakening, where I review each card and their meaning/numerology. **Don't forget, you can always ask for more clarification and pull additional cards! You are not limited to the number of cards presented in these spreads.

The traditional Three Card Spread. With this spread you can shuffle your cards, think of the question, and pull three cards to see the past of the situation, the present, and the future outcome of the situation.

Another way to approach the three card spread is by pulling three cards to inquire about a particular goal. The first card will reflect what the goal is, the second card will reveal what the obstacle will be to achieving that goal, and the last card will reveal how to overcome that goal.

If you are looking for a spread that will provide details about your career, you can use the following spread below. Please note, this spread was created by Violet Integration, who is a great Tarot reader!

If you are interested in working with the goddess and the dark goddess specifically, you can use the following oracle/Tarot spread below. Please note, this spread was created by Violet Integration, who is a great Tarot reader!

For the New Year you may want to consider the 12 month spread as demonstrated below. Pull one card for each month and use your intuition to decipher the message for the month.

To Manifest for the New Year, consider using the following spread below:

1. What are you trying to manifest?

2. How can you align yourself to manifest your dream/goal/heart's desire?

3. What action is required to get closer to your dream/goal/heart’s desire?

4. What is blocking you from being able to manifest?

5. Advice from the Oracle/Tarot.


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