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How to Channel 101

Channeling is the process of allowing a spirit or other entity to communicate through you. It can be a powerful tool for gaining insight, guidance, and healing. It is becoming mainstream I think and for many of you listeners I suspect that Esther Hicks, who channels the entities called Abraham, is familiar to you. You’ve probably read her book, the Law of Attraction, and have watched many of her videos. But what exactly is Channeling and how does it work?

Channeling is the process of allowing a spirit or other entity to communicate through you. It is a form of communication and it can be used to connect with a variety of beings, including angels, guides, ascended masters, your higher self and even deceased loved ones if you are a medium.

According to Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, authors of "Opening to Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide," "channeling is a powerful means of spiritual unfoldment and conscious transformation. As you channel you build a bridge to the higher realms — a loving, caring, purposeful collective higher consciousness that has been called God, the All-that-Is, or the Universal Mind.... Channeling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness."

Channeling can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Gaining insight and guidance

  • Receiving healing

  • Connecting with loved ones who have passed on

  • Learning about other dimensions and realities

  • Receiving information about the future

What is a channel?

Let’s begin by discussing exactly what a channel is. I think it would be helpful to imagine your channel as a radio antenna. Just as a radio picks up stations, signals or frequencies through tuning in, we too can tune in to access the unseen world through our channel. Through channelling, we are able to access messages from our angels, connect to source or learn what wounds we need to heal from in this life.

As we work with our channel and connect regularly, our experiences, intuition and connection may strengthen – connecting may become easier, or the guidance we receive may become more profound. As we work with the unseen or with spirit, we also gain trust and confidence in the work that we’re doing and that it’s real – we’re not just making it up.

Do I Have A Channel?

If you’re wondering whether you have a channel, then the answer is yes. In the West in particular, we seem to have lost touch with our knowledge of, or belief in, the unseen world. If we have experiences with the unseen we might be labeled as crazy, doubt ourselves, or feel embarrassed to share them with others. It’s important to begin with an open mind & no expectations. Try to surrender to the experience without judgment.

There are a few different types of channeling, including:

  • Mental channeling: This is the most common type of channeling. It involves receiving messages from the entity through your thoughts.

  • Physical channeling: This involves the entity moving your body or speaking through your voice.

  • Written channeling: This involves the entity writing through your hand.

  • Automatic writing: This is a type of written channeling where you don't consciously control the pen or pencil.

How to Channel:

We will mainly be speaking about mental channeling today and physical channeling to a certain degree. I will preface this by saying everyone has their own methodology. What you are getting is mine specifically. This is not the only way to do this but one of many. I also want to say that during this process, patience is most certainly a virtue. We tend to be our own worst enemies throughout this process but we should really try give ourselves a little leniency remembering that we are just learning.

First: Let’s talk about gatekeepers:

Gatekeepers: A gatekeeper works in the spiritual realms to vet spirits and to guard, block, and oversee interactions that healers, seers, and channelers come across. Gatekeepers are a specialized form of guide that works with protection. They block the energetic connection to dark entities and unpleasant spirits. It’s important to be aware that some spirits may act as imposters and you have to work with your gatekeeper to vet the spirit if they do end up coming through. If you hear very low vibrational messages that are angry, hurtful, or if their spirit is dishonest then it’s time to bring in your gatekeeper or protective guide to escort them away. Always trust your intuition and if something is off or if the energy is uncomfortable then call for help (Archangel Michael). Remember that many types of spirits coexist and not all are for your highest good.

I recommend trying to meet your gatekeeper first before you begin this work. I am sure you are asking how to do this? Well, by meditating with the intention to connect. If you are really serious about channeling, your higher self already knows and so does your guide. They can work to help you connect and find the right meditation as well.

Once you’ve met your gatekeeper then we can move onto the next step.

If you're interested in learning how to channel, there are a few things you can do to prepare:

  • Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed.

  • Light clearing. Working with light is crucial for any kind of channeling. According to Amy Sikarskie, Light is intelligent energy in motion (23). It has consciousness and can repattern and reprogram your thoughts, emotions, energy body, and DNA. Light is all around us. It is accessible when we actively prepare to channel and are consciously open to receiving support. It is a supportive of channeling as it strengthens our energy field and chakras while flushing out impurities. It assists with fluid telepathic communication and can work with any aspect of our energetic anatomy.

  • Relax and focus on your breath. I always recommend performing a serious of inhalations and exhales for a while to continue clearing your energy - but it also opens and clears your channel.

  • Next, ground your energy

  • Place a protective shield around your body

  • Have an opening declarative statement: I am connecting to XYZ spirit.

  • You should already know which spirit you want to connect to at the outset. At this time you will invite in your gatekeeper to help bring in the spirit you want to connect with. You can ask them to help protect your energy and keep out unwanted spirits.

  • Once this is done, take a breath or take several. Now you want to wait for the spirit to arrive. I am going to share with you that I actually invoke the spirit and I do this by calling out the name of the spirit repeatedly until I feel their presence. It may be very quick, or it may take a minute or 3. It is important to FEEL the energy of the spirit that you are trying to channel.

  • So now this is where it really gets tricky. Not everyone is clairsentient and I am fully aware of this. I do think that if you’re trying to learn channeling you should try to develop your clairsentience - feeling energy and have the ability to discern different types of energy as well. When you’re clairsentient, you can learn what your angels feel like, what the goddesses feel like, what the archangels feel like, what other higher level energies feel like.

  • Once you feel the spirit arrive, you can either start speaking with the spirit and hearing what they have to say - this is really mental channeling. You hear them speak in your head.

  • Now trance or physical channeling is a little different - this means that the spirit is speaking directly through you. For myself - I do both, but it depends on the spirit, how strong their energy is, and how compatible our spirits are.

  • I do think trance/physical channeling takes quite a bit of practice but I will share how I do it.

  • After I’ve invoked the spirit I am wanting to speak with, I feel their energy, if it is way too strong for me then I may not invite them in my spiritual/physical body because the energy may be way too strong to sustain - I might get a headache or feel dizzy. If the energy isn’t way too strong and I feel very comfortable with the spirit already, then I will literally invite them in to speak directly through me. After I have extended this invitation, I will feel them move their energy into the center of my body. I feel pressure in the middle of my head and a bit of a tightness in my chest and then I breathe in and out a few times and let them speak. Sometimes there is a delay if I begin to over think it. Other times it’s pretty spontaneous.

  • Next, Be open to receiving whatever message the entity has for you.

  • I personally prefer that someone ask me questions while I am in a channeled state. It is easier if you do that because you aren’t anticipating the questions or the answers and for me at least, the messages come in clearer and faster.

  • Are there times where you don’t get messages, yes. That happens. If not, don’t get frustrated, just move on to the next message.

  • Be mindful of how long to sustain the spirit in your body - at the beginning I would not do more than 15 minutes. As you continue to practice, you can increase each session.

  • Always remember, each spirit carries their own vibration and energy - if the energy is too strong or incompatible you may have a really hard time with this connection.

  • Keep in mind, depending on the type of spirit you connect with, the messages are of course going to vary. What you are getting are the perspectives of that spirit and they will likely have a personality.

  • Once I have completed the session, the spirit exits, and I can feel them exit my body, and then I cut cords with them, and then clear my energy and close the session with another closing statement to officially end it.


I want to now talk to you about trance channeling because although there are similarities, there are differences. When you are fully trance channeling, that means the spirit has fully taken over and you are not fully conscious of what’s being said - you also may not remember it. Esther Hicks is a very good example of this. For myself - it’s not necessarily trance channeling and I am still fully conscious of what’s being said most of the time. I do recommend practicing often.

Who do we practice with first? I always recommend starting with your higher self first. Connecting with your higher self is incredibly important - it’s your true identity/sirit and has the answers you are seeking. That voice in my opinion, is the quiet inner voice that has the plan for your life. This may very well be the only voice you wish to connect with. Next, I would recommend connecting with your spirit guides. Their energy won’t be such a heavy lift, after that, your angels and so on and so forth. Again, not everything is meant for you and you may not be able to connect to every spirit you desire. Perhaps you can channel them later in your journey.

Things to be mindful of:

  • Trust your intuition. If something doesn't feel right, don't be afraid to stop.

  • Close the session immediately - you can call in your protective spirit guide to escort them away or your gatekeeper to pull them away

  • Clear your energy

  • Will you always get a message? No - not everything is meant to be known so don’t take it personally

  • You WILL be tired after your session. Make sure you ground yourself.

  • It takes time. You will need a lot of practice

  • Be positive - be in a good mood - keep your energy high before you do this work

Like you, I see many channels on instagram/youtube and then can jump right into channeling and channel anything. To be honest that has not been my experience. It is a process and yes, I have tried to connect with spirits and did not have a strong connection with them. Also, sometimes I have to ask for repeats if I cannot hear them. It really takes time, practice, and your commitment.

As I stated earlier, there are multiple forms of channeling and what you are getting here is my way specifically. But it is not the only way. Also, some people can channel with writing or automatic writing. That may resonate more than mental channeling or even full on trance.

You have to remember that negative thinking and having a lot of doubt will not help you when it comes to learning how to channel.

Stay positive, keep an open mind and increase your vibration because that will help you. 💕


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