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A Tapestry of Magic: Exploring the Celtic Goddesses, Witches & Queens Oracle by Deanna M.R.

Step across the misty threshold and enter the land of ancient wonder with the Celtic Goddesses, Witches & Queens Oracle by Danu Forest and Dan Goodfellow. This deck isn't just a tool for divination; it's a vibrant tapestry woven with the wisdom, power, and wild spirit of Celtic mythology.

A Feast for the Soul:

  • Empowering Archetypes: Forget damsels in distress. This deck celebrates potent female figures - fearsome goddesses, cunning witches, and wise queens. Draw inspiration from Morrigan's strength, Brigid's creativity, or Ceridwen's nurturing wisdom.

  • Authentic Roots: Drawing on Danu Forest's deep knowledge of Celtic lore and Dan Goodfellow's visionary artistry, the deck feels genuine and grounded. Each card pulsates with the energy of ancient myths and traditions, offering insights relevant to modern lives.

  • Nature's Embrace: Immerse yourself in the verdant landscapes, raging seas, and mystical forests depicted on the cards. The artwork isn't just beautiful; it's a portal to the heart of Celtic magic, connecting you to the elements and the timeless wisdom of the natural world.

Whispers on the Wind:

What questions would you ask this enchanting deck? Here are a few to stir your spirit:

  • Which Celtic goddess or archetype is guiding me now?

  • What hidden strengths and abilities lie dormant within me?

  • How can I tap into the magic of nature for healing and inspiration?

  • What ancient wisdom can help me navigate this current challenge?

Connecting with the Spirit of the Land:

To truly connect with the Celtic Goddesses, Witches & Queens Oracle, open your heart to the land. Walk barefoot on the earth, feel the wind in your hair, and listen to the stories whispered by the trees. Here are some ways to deepen your relationship:

  • Learn about the Celtic deities: Research the goddesses, witches, and queens featured in the deck. Understanding their myths and symbols will enrich your readings.

  • Create a sacred space: Dedicate a special area for your oracle readings, adorned with natural elements like crystals, herbs, and feathers.

  • Practice Celtic rituals: Explore simple rituals like leaving offerings to the gods and goddesses or performing water blessings.

Now, let's play Pick a Card:

Take a breath, ask which goddess is relevant in your life today? Which goddess should you call upon?

Card One: Goddess Cerriwden - She is a wise one, keeper of the cauldron. She announces that it is a time of change, a time of entering the unknown and recognizing the forces of transformation and the hidden sides of life.

Card Two: Goddess Joan the Wad - Queen of the pixies. She points to the unseen going on in your life. Consider that there are factors that you may not be aware of. Are you being pixie-led by others or by the momentum of events, to go in a direction that is not for your benefit or of your choice? Are you believing in the glamour of someone or something over its substance?

Card Three: Goddess Nemetona - Goddess of the sacred grove, mistress of the sanctuary and the sacred circle. She calls upon you to create a safe and sacred space for yourself, to seek peace and sanctity within an area that you are completely safe and away from the world. Take a quiet break away from the world and reconnect to nature. Find a timeout for yourself and perhaps put up stronger boundaries with others.

Remember, the Celtic spirit thrives on connection and reverence. By honoring the land, its myths, and its powerful female figures, you open yourself to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

So, gather your courage, light a candle, and shuffle the cards. Let the Celtic Goddesses, Witches & Queens Oracle guide you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and connection to the ancient magic that flows through the very veins of the earth. The adventure awaits!


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