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Accepting when something isn't meant to be

There are times in life when it appears that the stars and planets are aligned at the perfect moment for the birthing of something miraculous in response to our dreams, our dedication, and our faith. And then there are other times when we believe that something should be manifesting into creation because of our hard work and faith, but for some reason or other nothing appears and all of our hard work and push and pull leads to no where, fast. Why does this happen? If we are truly creators in our own right and place our attention upon what it is we are trying to manifest, then why does it seem that at times, our dreams don't come true or that our mental linear path goes awry?

Acceptance is a tough lesson along the path of life. Sometimes, things really just are not meant to be. This is not because you are doing something wrong, or because you may have changed your focus temporarily, or because you are not worth it. In response to our call for something new, for dynamic, life-fulfilling change, the universe must make the ultimate decisions that will send us on the "right" journey; this requires, at times, the surrendering of what is truly not for us, and the acceptance that there IS something better and greater yet to be shown. Of course, as with all things, this requires trust---trusting God/your higher power/ trusting yourself and trusting the plan.

If you have been trying to manifest a dream and it has been an arduous task and nothing is taking root, first, ask yourself, what is your intention? Is this dream from your ego, or truly from your heart? If you find it is from your ego and you are struggling to birth it into being, then it really may not be meant for you in this lifetime. I am not advising you give up, but to take stock of your heart and mental inventory of your true intentions. Your heart will always tell you the truth.

In a romantic sense, let's say you unexpectedly met someone who is seemingly perfect for you, but they are unfortunately taken--this means that there IS someone better in alignment with who you are and what you need. This requires acceptance and trust, again and again, as the growth cycle goes.

If you have applied and interviewed for a job that you 100% felt was right for you and unexpectedly did not recieve a job offer, again, know that this job is NOT for you. There is something better, a better job with people that you MUST meet on your path to grow and learn. Again, you have done nothing wrong--but your path might require a different destination, a new landing point.

Sometimes in life, things simply just are not meant to be. It is difficult to surrender to this as we may have invested our hearts in people and situations that we believed were in our best interest, but God knows better and as a wise man once said, the universe is conspiring to help you. The wheels are in motion just for you. But you must learn to let go of that which is not for you. Give thanks that what is being taken from you is because it will be replaced with something better.

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