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Serving Two Masters

Within our minds are two selves; one of which is akin to a tyrant, and the other, a loving teacher or kindred spirit. As spirits on this earth plane, we must learn to discern between the two, the tyrant, or outer voice, and the teacher, or the inner voice. We spend a majority of our lives in service to our inner tyrant - the voice that feeds our inner famine, that visceral journey of lack, and desperation. This tyrant imprisons our true self by telling us we are inadequate, we are ugly, we are poor in all facets of our lives, and the worst lie of all, we are unlovable.

In complete opposition, our inner teacher loving reassures us that we are blessed, ever abundant in truth and in wisdom, and as God's light lives in us and animates our bodies and mind, we can remember our true and eternal identity that is unlimited by this three dimensional world. Through our experiences on the wheel of life, we continuously jump from the tyrant to the teacher, searching for answers, understanding, reason, rationale, help, hope, and love. At any minute we can ask the tyrant to help us understand the circumstances set before us to help us find a way out. This voice that occupies the outer frequencies of the loving self will solidify the perceived famine by reminding you of your unworthiness, the unforgivable depths of your mistakes; it will emphasize your failures, your guilt,and then project it onto others in an attempt to disassociate itself with the issue at hand temporarily. The tyrant is not accountable for its actions nor does it admit that it is the author of the world it sees and experiences.If we serve this master, we are in essence serving our darkness, or our inner deceiver.

If we choose the other door, we will find our inner teacher standing by to help us remember our true identity; remember that regardless of our current circumstances, regardless or our experiences of lack, limitation, lovelessness, regardless if we deny ourselves the truth of our worth, the voice of this wise master reassures us our inner abundance. We are abundant in love, always, and are helped always. No matter what mistakes we have made, we are always loved.

If we know of these two voices, why is it that most of us elect to adhere to the tyrant? What is so intriguing about this voice that we choose to follow its dictates as opposed to guidance of the teacher? One would have you imprisoned and the other will have you set free. There is a profound realization here that most of us are in mental prisons of our own making; we would rather be behind these bars then walk freely. Why is this? And why is it that the outer voice dominates the narrative of the world?

The tyrant yells so loudly it is easy to be heard, but the teacher speaks quietly and calmly and with gentle confidence. The tyrant distorts your truth and distorts your vision. The teacher reminds, supports, and inspires your spirit. The tyrant is the darkness and the teacher is the light. Most of us spend our lives fluctuating between what would hinder and paralyze us and what would push us to move forward fearlessly knowing that we are the kingdom of God, asserting the truth of our power, our love, our courage, and our divinity. Recognizing this, how do we then consistently occupy the energetic frequency of our inner teacher? How do we access this voice consistently? Is it possible to bypass the deeply cultivated voice of the tyrant?

As we move periodically through the changing seasons of life, our individual dependence on the tyrant or the teacher crystallizes the power of one over the other in our minds. If you have elected the tyrant as your truth teller then it will be difficult to hear and believe your inner teacher, but not impossible. Conscious effort is required daily in silence to hear the wisdom emanating from this source. It takes practice and trust to set yourself free. The tyrant will always try to interject and reify your dark qualities and then prove their existence in a variety of seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Cultivating trust in your inner teacher will eventually help you break down your inner walls and allow you to align yourself with truth. There is no path that can be deemed the "right" path- nevertheless, there is one that will work for you to help you maintain trust in your inner voice. It is my hope that you learn how to identify your tyrant and teacher and trust the guidance and support of your inner voice.

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