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Hitting a snag while manifesting.

While in the process of manifestation most of us hit a snag unexpectedly. And it will be unwelcome. There is no way to avoid the snags. First, you have to accept that this will happen. But WHY does this happen? Is this is in part due to the energy instability of the manifestation because of the shifts in doubt we experience? Or are these simple tests along the way to see whether we truly do want what it is we are trying to manifest? Some nags are "issued" to us to help reroute us to a better direction. As humans, we have a very limited perception of our path and how to maneuver it. We think we know best and know the direct path to our dreams. From above, our higher power can see all and what will provide us the greatest growth and bring us the best opportunities along the way and connect us to the best people. This is a holy and aerial approach- one that is needed to bring about a your dream.

Therefore snags should really be called either areas of rerouting or even course-correction. Throughout the process of manifestation we are growing and learning- these snags also force us to grow and expand in new ways. Some of these snags force us to confront parts of ourselves we don't like- or parts that we have been hiding that must be brought to the light for healing and to successfully bring about our vision. If we can shift our response about these snags and our thinking about them, and learn to appreciate their intended purpose, then the panic we experience will eventually subside. At some point, we will learn to appreciate them. Obviously this is easier said than done due to sheer magnitude of the snag- some of these are financial and some of these are emotional. However, deep moments of course-correction can heal us and our vision and bring about our dreams in a way that we could not imagine.

I am writing this because we all experience snags or obstacles when trying to bring about our vision into material form.Some of us do not hit snags until we are half way into our manifestation and some of us hit this right at the beginning, which discourages us and prevents us from trying to start successfully.When you hit a snag right at the beginning it is a call to reassess your plan. It means it needs some readjustments; in other words, go back to the drawing board. For some, you did not put enough of your energy into the manifestation, and for others, you are doubting so much that the energy cannot connect to the vision long enough to ground itself to the earth plane. Think of being the driver of a car with a set destination but hitting the gas pedal intentionally so many times along the way- it will take forever to get there- this is the equivalent of the energy of doubt while trying to get to the dream.

Remember, you have to trust, believe, feel it, and see it for it to manifest here on the earth. When you find yourself doubting, get a piece of paper and write the reasons for the doubt on the paper and then fold the paper. Find a lighter or match and burn those thoughts immediately. Do this each time you begin to experience deep doubt. This will help to erase, or at the very least, subdue some of the doubt.

Just to reiterate, snags are an acute part of the process of manifestation. My message to you is to trust the snags as they are really readjustments to improve your plan or an alarm system alerting you to stop and rethink your intention.

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