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What you do NOT focus on ALSO Expands

"What you focus on expands." This has become a motto for the New Age movement ad infinitum and can I add, ad nauseam. This theory comes off the heels of the launch of the successful Secret series and The Law of Attraction series by the Hicks or "Abraham." I understand why this theory has taken root. It posits that where we place most of our attention is what comes into form and becomes our experience. In an individual and personal sense it rings true. For example, if I focus my attention on not having enough money to pay my bills or to go on vacation, then that reality is the reality I will continue to experience until I make the conscious decision to pivot to another available and parallel reality- but one that contrasts the mentality of lack.

The reason I wanted to address this metaphysical axiom is because I find it being used by practitioners to avoid acknowledging the presence and expansion of the collective fear dominating and infesting the psyche of the people of our nation, and of this world at large. If we apply this axiom to the nation at large and "remain positive" then as this theory proposes, only the positive exists and that will be our/collective reality. Unfortunately our "remaining positive" about our reality does not negate the horrors of the collective mind, which has manifested into poverty, hate, global hunger, racism, and violence. Therefore, our own neglect does nothing to push humanity forward, but perpetuate very self-centered ideals.

What I am trying to say and almost inarticulately, is that the New Age community cannot afford to NOT participate in the changing face and nature of this nation. What we do not focus on ALSO expands. This axiom needs to enter into the New Age metaphysical framework most urgently. We cannot afford to pretend that the human race is not at a critical juncture in time; one where the sacred interplay of light and dark is under threat; rather that interplay is being attacked and buried by a strong and dark force. As light bearers, we are the force of light that balances the darkness on this planet, a force that checks evil, a force that speaks truth, a force that embodies and offers love, and a force that forgives, which propels humanity forward into a NEW New Age.

This can only happen if we shift our gaze, our energy, and our attention and time to the current force corrupting the integrity of the souls of this planet. Darkness is indeed the heritage of this planet.

But we came hereto shift the scales towards justice, love, kindness, and healing. Thus, I ask you to ask your higher power and your own heart to redirect your focus to help move the needle, to "bring more light" by volunteering, sharing, aiding in the journey from the darkness to the light. May we always remember that this is a collective journey of light.

I realize that there is a lot to unpack in this very short blog and plan to write a part II next week. Stay Tuned.

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