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Reiki and Clairvoyance

Before I begin to bridge spiritual sight and energy healing, let me define clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to see with the spiritual eye beyond the limitations of the third dimension. Most people develop this skill through intensive meditation and of course, by awakening the third eye. I also have to add that there are just some people who are born with sight. I am definitely not one of those people. I had to work on my sight for a very long time for it to open up. I was born with clairaudience instead (this is altogether another story that I will share at another time).

For those of you who do not know, I am a Reiki practitioner here in California in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been practicing for a couple of years and have definitely noticed a shift in my Reiki "powers." When I was first attuned a couple years ago and practiced on my friends, I really did not notice anything. I did not feel as if I was really healing anyone to be honest and I did not really feel heat running through my hands either, which is a very common sensation for Reiki Practitioners. However, the more I practiced, I began to notice changes in the way I receive and "send" this form energy through my body to the client.

I have been working with breast cancer patients this whole year at an integrative medicine clinic. This has been a challenging experience because I have had to witness the emotional, physical, mental, and even financial toll that breast cancer has on a person. It is devastating and definitely turns a dark night of the soul into many, seemingly endless, dark years of the soul. When I lay hands and send Reiki to these women, I scan their bodies to sense disturbances in their energy field. For me, I can feel subtle changes in the person's vibration and so I place hands on those areas hoping to clear those disturbances.

As I began to do this work I noticed that Reiki opened my channel so mu ch that I began to receive clairvoyant visions. These visions, however, were not images of the person's illness, but rather images of the person's spirit guide,a deceased loved one, and tips on improving health and pictures of what was currently impacting a person's health. When you are working with people whose bodies have been completely ravaged by this illness it can be scary to offer health advice. Initially, when the session was over I did not bother to disclose what I had seen out of fear.

It wasn't until one day after a session, a woman, who I will call Ana, asked me what I saw, did I share what I had witnessed during the session. She was surprisingly so open to the message that we hugged and cried and prayed together. This was all the confirmation I needed to begin sharing information. God is indeed full of grace.

I am very privileged to work at this clinic that offers all forms of holistic medicine, including the emotion code, Reiki, acupuncture, Herbal medicine, meditation, visualization, bodywork, and craniosacral. Reiki is still very alien to a majority of the population and for many of the women who attend this clinic, they have never heard of energy medicine and are incredibly skeptical, and understandably so. However, I did not give them enough credit and should not have assumed that they were not open-minded enough to hear messages from spirit. This is a reminder that everything is perception and I am always learning to not underestimate anyone!

Also- I wanted to remind everyone that your gift is unique and not the same as everyone else's! As I stated earlier, most Reiki practitioners feel heat emanating from their hands while doing Reiki, which I think is incredibly fascinating, but this is not my method. Rather I can feel the vibration in the areas that need healing and now I can see along with healing. Like everything else in this universe, my healing ability is evolving. So if you are at the beginning of your own healing practice, know that even though your gift is not like everyone else's, it will evolve into something quite marvelous and unexpected and please TRUST where it is taking you.

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