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Am I on the right path?

This is a question we ask ourselves time and time again.There are periods in our lives that feel completely stagnant and appear as if there are NO steps forward. These, in fact, are some of the hardest periods we face, because they force us to question our decisions, our growth, and even our identity. Is this the right job for me, am I in the right relationship, where is this career going, am I setting strong enough boundaries?

The truth is that sometimes during the slowest and most "stagnant" periods of our lives, we are in fact, learning how to exercise,hone, and fine-tune some of our spiritual muscles. This means, learning patience, learning acceptance, learning determination, learning focus and concentration, and even learning perseverance. Some of our strongest lessons exist under the guise of stagnancy and periods of immobility and stasis. It is even during these periods of the slow-turning wheel of life that we are actually growing. Although, for most, it doesn't feel like it.

Some of these periods of boredom force us into states of questioning, and without these, we probably wouldn't be questioning at all. These cycles push us into stages of reflection and introspection and invite us into deep soul searching.

The question of, Am I on the Right Path, comes again and again as we grow through life. Taking time out to really explore this alone is important as it provides us understanding of our past, or motives, our personalities, and our actions. I invite you to sit down,make some tea, and get out an old fashioned pen and paper to journey into your mind to personally excavate this question.

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