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Your fears are Unworthy of You!

Your fears are unworthy of you. I wanted to write about this because one of my spirit guides told me this the other day and of course, it has me thinking about my life and what might helpful for you in some way. Most of us are afraid of what we don't know and what we have been forced to experience. I think this is true for everyone. But, what about the fears that keep us from living our dreams and fulfilling our destiny? Fear of success, fears of uncertainty, fear of the unexpected and fear of impermanence and instability.

What fear is so huge that it has the mighty power to dethrone your dreams?

I think that sometimes it's the amount of energy, focus, and work that is required that makes our dreams appear impossible. This of course is seemingly masked by not having enough money, time or resources to do what we love. How then can we really accomplish what we set out to do? It is really the courage of your love that is the first step. I think sometimes we forget that those that came before had within them the bravery and audacity to trust the knowledge of their heart to make the impossible possible. They too had the same questions of who they were, why they were here, and what they came to do with their time on this planet. Some chose to submit to the status quo because they would not invest in their own loving truth. Or as most of us, they didn't see that all along they really DID have the resources necessary. They were just programmed to believe otherwise. But, this does not have to be your story and it is clearly not the story of the collective. And I would not like it to become my story.

I read in a book one day that on the other side, we have the option of downloading the experience of others while they were on this planet. It really has forced me to think about what I wanted someone to experience if they downloaded my story. Would they want to watch me succumb to my fears and spin tall tales about my inadequacy? Or would they rather watch me rise up from my mental abyss and declare that really the light is there; that there is really nothing impossible and that I realized my destiny internally and manifested it externally because of the profound faith in my very own heart? Yes, this is the the story I too would like to download whilst on the other side. So I say, RISE. Your fears really are UNWORTHY OF YOU.

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