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Materializing the Immaterial

Oracle of Mystical Moments

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Oracle of Mystical Moments by Catrin Welz-Stein.

Over the past few months, I've met some pretty wonderful people who have major hopes and dreams, but find it hard to believe that they have the power to bring them about in this world. My goal as a teacher and friend is to help people remember their true identity. What does this mean exactly? It means reminding them that their true selves, not their earthly self, is an unlimited powerful being who contains the might and power of the universe in their spirit. We are made of star stuff, meaning that it is within our nature to grow and transform at the highest level as a part of evolution Just like the stars in the universe, we, too, grow, expand, combust, collapse, die, and begin again. However, growth cannot occur unless we allow it. And growth occurs when we give ourselves permission to go after what we want and believe that we deserve it! And yes, it is a real process.

I pulled three cards today that are representative of evolutionary process of materializing the immaterial hopes and dreams we hold close in our hearts. As stated above, if we can remember who really are, then we will have the courage to pursue our dreams in this world. If we know that the only thing holding us back is ourselves, then, again, we will feel empowered to take at least one step.

What does this process look like? The first part of this process requires us to be decisive regarding what we want without fear of limitation. How do we do this? Get in touch with your own spirit. Your spirit, called the higher self/intuition, is the loving observer, the beneficent truth teller that will shed light on who you really are and what you can actually do here. It will remind you that limitation is only a perspective, not a fact. With this encouraging voice, you will find that you can be more decisive about what you really wish to pursue and what type of life you would like to have.

After selecting what you wish to materialize, write it down! Materialize it on paper and ground it in the 3D plane so it becomes real to the naked eye. Now, here comes the fun part (said with sarcasm). List the top 3-4 resources you need to bring it about. Don't worry about the financial aspect, but make sure to include it! Circle what you know you have and know you can do, and then highlight what you need. Take the action steps toward what you can do.

[Protective Nest]

As revealed in the cards, DON'T TELL ANYONE YOUR DREAM/GOAL/HOPES. This is a rule of thumb at the beginning of the process and throughout. You must keep your precious idea in your protective nest so it is protected as you water it and nourish it. Don't allow prying eyes to spy your new creation. If you share with others what you are working on, then that provides an opportunity for doubt and discouragement.

[The Gardener]

As you work diligently on your goal, trust your intuition, and take the right steps, you will begin to see your dream materialize before your eyes. A common mistake among many is that they expect things to just fall out of the sky without having to do the work. You must water your seed so that it may sprout from out of the cold dark earth into the light. As the saying goes, God cannot do for you what she cannot do through you. Try not to focus your attention on the time it takes to bring your dream into fruition. The journey is just as important as the destination.


What occurs throughout this process is not only the manifestation of your dreams, but the transformation of the mind. When you SEE that you have the power to create and make the invisible visible, you will no longer question your divine heritage. When we work with the spirit, all things are possible. If we heed the words of the Kybalion, All is Mental, then you will know that what is in your mind is capable of being externalized in physical form, but it takes the will of the mind and heart together. Remember that ingredients in the equation: belief, desire, hard work, and trust. Manifestation brings about transformation, in other words, an evolution of the belief system lurking in the mind. The limited thinking that has held the true you hostage for so long will no longer have a room in your mind. Rather, a new perspective will emerge, and this is a knowing that you, the real you, is a divine spark of light that is truly unlimited and powerful beyond measure.

As I stated above, my goal is to always help people remember who they are so they feel courageous enough to dream big! I hope this little card reading helps so that you feel empowered to take one step today!

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