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Past Life Regression

Unearthing the Mysteries Within


Unlock the Mysteries Within: Discover Yourself Through Past Life Regression

Ever felt a deep connection to a place you've never been, or an unexplained fear with no apparent cause? These could be echoes of past lives whispering hidden truths. Past life regression offers a unique opportunity to unlock the mysteries within, explore past experiences, and gain profound insights into your present self.

Join me for a transformative session and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Learn your past lives and uncover limiting beliefs, and release emotional baggage. Rediscover your hidden talents, understand recurring patterns, and connect with your authentic self. This is not just a session, it's a chance to awaken your soul's potential and create a more fulfilling life.


Are you ready to remember who you truly are?


Past life regression (PLR) is a practice that aims to access memories and experiences from  past lives through hypnosis or guided meditation. Past Life Regression can offer insights into present-day thoughts, emotions, relationships, karmic bonds, and behaviors.

Unveil Your Soul's Story: Explore Past Lives, Uncover Hidden Patterns

Through Past Life Regression, you could learn:

  • Possible causes of recurring issues: You might gain insights into the origins of fears, phobias, or unexplained feelings, potentially offering new ways to address them.

  • Past talents and experiences: You could uncover skills or knowledge from past lives that resonate with your present interests or challenges.

  • Relationships from past lives: PLR might suggest past connections with people currently in your life, offering a different perspective on your relationships.

  • Lessons learned and carried forward: You could discover valuable lessons or experiences from past lives that continue to influence your present choices and perspectives.

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What do you gain from a session?

  • Increased self-awareness: Exploring past lives may offer new perspectives on personality traits, fears, or talents, potentially leading to greater self-understanding.

  • Emotional release: Some report experiencing emotional catharsis by confronting and releasing pain or trauma believed to stem from past lives.

  • Personal growth: The insights gained from PLR might inspire positive changes in attitudes, behaviors, and life choices.

  • Spiritual connection: PLR can provide a sense of connection to something larger than oneself and past experiences.

how does it work?

The Regression Session will NOT be conducted via Hypnosis but through guided meditation carefully guided by me. You will be conscious throughout the session.

1. After purchasing a session, shoot me an email ( to schedule our initial consultation. We will meet for an initial 15 - 20 minute consultation to address questions/concerns and review upcoming PLR session along with expectations and preparations.

2. We will meet for 1-1.5 hours for the PLR Session via Zoom (we will schedule in advance the best date/time)

3. I will send a copy of the regression session for you to have

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The Cost


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Potential Helps in Your Life:

  • Gaining self-acceptance: Understanding the roots of your personality traits and challenges may lead to greater self-compassion and acceptance.

  • Overcoming challenges: Insights from PLR might offer new tools and perspectives to address recurring issues or emotional blocks.

  • Making life choices: Understanding your past experiences could provide clarity and guidance for making important life decisions.

  • Connecting with your spirituality: For some, PLR can deepen their spiritual connection and understanding of their place in the universe.

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