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Honor Yourself Reading


Why get this reading? 

Honor Yourself Reading is an empowering service that helps you to identify and celebrate your unique qualities. Through the guidance of the tarot + oracle, you will learn to recognize and appreciate your amazing qualities, and learn how to put yourself on a pedestal. With this service, you will gain the clarity and guidance on how to cherish YOURSELF.

Let's Look at the Spread: 

CardSpreads (1).jpg

Card One - How do I see myself?

Card Two - What stops me from prioritizing my own needs?

Card Three - How can I show myself that I am worthy?

Card Four - How can I be more authentic? 

Card Five - What do I need to release to fully embrace myself?

Card Six - What do I need to acknowledge to see my true value?

Card Seven - What do my spirit guides and angels want to tell me?

Please email me your question and situational details after you purchase this reading: 


Email subject: Honor Yourself Reading

Reading will be sent via email  with PDF + images of card spreads within 72 hours of purchase. 

*No refunds

Cost: [$37]

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