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Candle Magick

Candle magic is the art and intention of using the element of fire as a vehicle to manifest your goals and to read messages from the spirit realm. It is used in a variety of open and closed practices such as Wicca, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Hoodoo, and many others.


There are so many different shapes, sizes, colors of candles and they each represent different energies. These energies help dramatically accelerate the power of your prayers, intentions, and conscious choices. 


Fire is a symbol and a device; it is a doorway into a deeper connection with pure consciousness. Candles help us to  focus our intention and the ritual helps us attune our emotions. Candle magic is a way to tune our vibrational frequencies so that we attract what we really want and avoid what’s harmful; the more we tune our bodies, hearts, and minds along a particular frequency, the more likely we are to attract resonance from the outside world.

I utilize candle magic to manifest my goals and will be teaching you how to manifest your goals with candle magic. 

In this online course I will teach you the following: 

  • The different types of candles and their ideal uses including the shape, smell, and size

  • What do the colors, numbers, and frequencies of your Candle Magic signify?

  • How to amplify your Candle Magic Practice with essential oils, herbs, and crystals

  • How to set up your sacred space and connect with the essence of your intentions

  • I directly walk you through Candle Magick for the following types of manifestations:

    • Love​

    • Money

    • New Job (Road opener)

    • Vacation

  • Always remember: the power is within us, not outside us, and Magic is the bridge between our inner world and the world outside.


Online Course:          $45.00

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