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Past + Present + Future Reading

If you are looking for insight and clarity on your path, this Past + Present + Future Oracle and Tarot Reading is the perfect service for you. With this reading, you will gain insight into your current situation, along with clarity on what your future may hold. This reading will provide you with the guidance and understanding you need to confidently take your next step forward.



Let's Look at your past, present, and future

Remember, your future is not set in stone, you can always alter the outcome. What we are looking at is the current and consistent energy in your life. 

CardSpreads (5).jpg

The Questions Asked in the Spread: 

Card One - Past action or energy that lead to the current situation

Card Two - Current energy and situation

Card Three - Potential future outcome if continue on the same road

Please email me at: with your question and situational details. 

Email Subject: Past, Present, Future Reading

I will email you your response via email with PDF + photos of reading in 72 hours. 

*No Refunds

Cost: [$25]

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