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Bibliomancy is the art of divination by books. It is the method of employing sacred books for "magical medicine." It is a beautiful and very insightful technique used in ancient civilizations to divine answers to questions that ranged from everyday concerns to large-scale impactful events. People use texts such as the Bible, Quran, The poetry of Keats and Rumi, The works of Carl Jung, Sufi wisdom, and many others as part of their bibliomantic practice.  

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How does this work?

As the querent, you send me your Name and ONE question @ I select 2-3 books for your reading using my intuition. I hold the book in my hand and open to the page of the message hand-selected directly from spirit to you! For this reading, I will perform this action multiple times in both books (sometimes 3 books) to gather more details from spirit. Books are usually consulted around 6+ times to capture the entirety of the message. 

I then send you a PDF that includes:

1. The Selected Books

2. Photos of the selected passages

3. And then you receive a lovely video from me to your inbox reading the passages and divining the message for you! 

If you are interested in a YES/NO reading this will likely not do. Bibliomancy is definitely more introspective and thought provoking. Its message reaches the soul. 

This is a very FUN reading to do and is often very unexpected. Keep an open mind and think about your question before you send. XOXO

When will you receive the reading? 

You will receive it 72 hours after purchase of the reading. 


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