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Let's have tea, coffee, color, paint, and draw...

Creative Journaling with Me
to unlock your creativity...


Judgment-Free Zone!

The Creative Journal with Me service was created to help you unlock your creative potential. This service will help you address any creative blocks you may be experiencing and get you on your way to feeling inspired. In our one hour session, you can journal, paint, draw, and discuss any topic with me over a cup of tea. Let's get creative and unlock your inner artist.


Free your mind and your heart and let go of your inner critic!

Creative journaling is a powerful tool for self-expression and self-discovery. During this session, you can get a blank journal or sketchbook and some markers, crayons, acrylics, or watercolors and/or color pencils to illustrate what is in your heart. Through this, you can explore your inner thoughts and draw without fear of judgment. Our goal is to explore together through colors, patterns, and various shapes.


Collaborate with your wisdom of your Heart!

Creative journaling is a powerful and transformative spiritual practice. During this session, we will explore our inner landscape and connect with our intuition through the creative process. We will awaken the creativity of the heart to collaborate with our minds to paint, draw, color and express what is within us. This process helps to open the door to our deepest insights, allowing sparks of inspiration to guide us. It is a powerful tool that helps us to gain clarity and connect with our highest potential.


This is a one hour session which we will schedule at a time that works for both parties. Bring your supplies, tea, or coffee, and let's unleash your creativity and talk spirituality! Email me after purchasing session: 


Email Subject: Creative Journaling Session

*No Refunds

Cost: [$70]

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