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Seership Training

Hi! What is a seer? A seer is someone who can see beyond the physical world with the use of the third eye, which sits in the brow chakra. Seers walk between the worlds- they are a bridge between different dimensions and work within the matrix of time. While many seers are born with the gift, the ability can be learned through intensive training and consistent practice. This course is designed to train you how to develop your seership. You will spend the next month learning how to develop your sight and use it to problem solve and navigate some of life's most challenging times throughout your journey. 

This is a self-paced course that comes with a PDF and videos via Vimeo. 

How is the course structured? Glad you asked!

  • Week One: The Basics (Grounding + Protecting)

    • Working with Light Energy​ to purify your energy channel

    • Remove Energetic Blocks from your Third Eye

    • The Alchemical Heart Exercise to heal the heart

    • The Golden Flame Third Eye Activation

    • Opening multiple Doors to the Spirit World​​

  • Week Two: Meet your Spirit Guide

    • Working with your Spirit Guide

    • Light Energy Work

    • The Green Light Flame Activation

    • World Building Exercises to strengthen your third eye​

  • Week Three: Entering The Spirit Worlds

    • Working with your Spirit Guide​

    • Meet your guardian angels Meet the Archangels

    • Meet your Animal Guide

    • Meet the fairies + gnomes OH MY!

    • The Violet Flame Activation

    • Exercises to strengthen your third eye​

  • Week Four: Getting Answers

    • Learn how to deduce timing​ (When)

    • Learn how to deduce location (Where)

    • Learn how to receive answers in the form of Yes + No Questions

    • Exercises to strengthen your third eye​

    • Past Life Retrieval - Learning how to access your past life + lessons you need to learn + soul purpose this lifetime

  • Week Five: Last week!

    • Create your Intuitive Council​

    • Explore the Healing Hands of Atlantis

    • Exercises to strengthen your third eye​

    • Course Review

    • Learn how to give readings and to use your sight to answer questions about anything in your life. 

    • Living as a Seer!

What will you need for this course? 

  • Two Journals

    • One for documenting messages from the spirit world​

    • A Symbolic Dictionary Journal:Link  Here to purchase if interested. 

  • A purple or dark blue stone to wear as a necklace throughout this course

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