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Advanced Coaching

Please check back for more details. 

Spirit Guide Reading

 I offer two question spirit guide readings. I tune into your guide using my clairvoyance and clairaudience to recieve the answers to your questions. Make sure to be specific! Email me your  name and question at: and write in the subject: Two Question Reading. Answers are emailed in 24- 48 hours.                   


Psychic Development Workshop

This workshop is currently being created. Please check back for details soon! 

One on One Coaching

I offer individualized coaching sessions where you will learn the following by the end of 4 weeks:

a)  Identify your psychic abilities

b) Learn to open and use them

c) Practice weekly exercises with me to hone your abilities

This course is tailored to your skill set and abilities. We will meet once a week (a 60 minute session via Skype or Google Hangouts) and you will have weekly homework to complete. Make sure to email me if you are interested in this coaching course for a free 20 minutes consultation. (