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Channeling the Goddesses

Over the past year I have been receiving impressions of female energies during my meditations. I wasn't sure what was happening at first, it seemed like feminine energies were present. But it was unfamiliar territory for me and I resisted it for a while. These female energies started appearing often in meditation and then in my dreams. First it was an Egyptian goddess, who called herself Sekhmet. And then it was another goddess who called herself Morgan LeFay. After that during a covid fever dream Athena called me to dance for her in the Érechthéion at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. I danced for her twice in front of huge audience during a full moon. In that dream I had long strawberry blonde hair and I was dressed in a long white tunic. As many of you I was raised to be Christian. This meant that only one "God" existed and other "gods" are blasphemous. But when I finally prayed about it and asked source, I was being put into a position to expand my consciousness. There are so many realms of guidance and help and the creator is unlimited in its creations. The goddess realm is simply another realm of loving guidance from the perspective of the divine feminine.

The Divine Feminine is compassionate, loving, nurturing, caring, and patient. It is a heart-centered energy focused on healing the self and helping others throughout their journey here. Goddesses are beings of light who love to help and offer their guidance. However, they have shared that not all are ready to connect to this energy. Some do out of intrigue and for "fun," but they are unprepared and are not necessarily attuned to their energy so they will likely not hear/feel/see them. Some are too skeptical therefore it will be difficult to connect to them. And for others who are ready, who make time, who believe, who are honest, and helpful beings, the goddesses are available and can be connected to.

If you desire to connect to the goddesses some require offerings and others don't. Take your time and research them, study their stories, show your reverence for their energy and think wisely about who you want to connect to and why.

I had the privilege channeling goddesses the other week and unexpectedly Hera, Athena, and Demeter showed up to share their knowledge! What was it like to channel them? They appear as women standing next to me, each stepping forward to speaking their words. They each have a message they would like to share. Who decides who shows up? They do. Sometimes the ones you call in will arrive, others will arrive because of the topic you are speaking about, and others will come because there are similarities between your energies. Either way, be grateful for their presence. They are divine beings just like you, as they say. They are not "gods" as we understand them, but divine energies. Source speaks through them as well! For more information, You can find me channeling the goddesses on my YouTube Channel, All Things Spiritual, and on Vimeo.

Their message this month is: "Do not allow your minds and hearts to be enemies of each other."

In case you’ve missed it, you can catch the Intuitive Awakening Podcast where my sister unexpectedly channels the goddess Ishtar. I had been pulling the Ishtar card for a few days and read her story so I was a little familiar with her but had no clue she would show up for us. I am very grateful for her presence and her messages as well she so kindly delivered on the podcast.

Keep a look out for more videos as I continue to work with this realm and share their messages. My goal is to bring you channeled messages from the goddesses every month to bring insight and encouragement from that realm !


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