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Take the first step NOW!

Why are so many people afraid to take the first step to make their dreams come true? I am talking about this today because a very close family member of mine has been wanting to go to graduate school for many many years now and has held on to the belief that she does not possess the skills or intelligence to first, get into school, and second, to compete against other students. Also, and this is the big one, she doesn't have the money to go. All of these are completely understandable and most people think this way. However, I am writing this today because I want to tell you that you should not let these fears prevent you from taking the first step NOW.

Financial fears are usually the biggest reason as to why we choose to forfeit our dreams. Most of us look at our bank accounts and our annual salary and cannot imagine HOW we can even AFFORD to take the first step in the direction of our dreams. I do not discount this belief, but my goal is to offer you an alternative perspective that will help you find the courage to honor your dream by taking action.

First, write down EXACTLY what your dream is. Do not minimize it either. Maybe start with:"If I could do anything, it would be X, Y, and Z." Do not worry about the HOW. On a separate piece of paper, write down what is stopping you from doing this. Be Honest and take your time. Do not rush this process. DIG DEEP. Do not lie to yourself. No one else will see this but you. Now, after you finished writing down this list, I want you to light a few white candles, or whatever you have handy, and burn this list, stating: "My fears are a thing of the past." Watch it burn. Whenever you notice yourself doubting, complete this exercise again and watch it burn. Now it's time to get to work.

Praying and Asking. I want you to ask your higher power, angels, and spirit guides to help you to take the first step. Even if you currently do not have the money or available resources. I want you to tell them you are now open to the belief that truly anything is possible. Ask them to show you how to take the first step in either a dream, on a billboard, a car, through watching a show, through music by lyrics, and maybe through overhearing a conversation. They will find a way. NOW, your job involves PAYING ATTENTION. They WILL give you a message through some format but you have to follow it. And that is going to be scary because it involves trust. It is at this juncture where you will be flexing your spiritual muscles. Will you choose to trust or believe in yourself and that you really ARE worthy of having your dreams come true, OR will you choose to believe in your own self-doubt? TAKE THAT FIRST STEP.

A little discussion about God's Reality is warranted here. Now, I know you might have a big aversion to the word, GOD, because it does carry a lot of historically dark baggage, but I want you to at least hear me out. God, or your higher power, wants you to succeed and has put laws in place that will actually help you. This means, as co-creators, we have within our very own toolbox ALL of the tools of the magi to create something from seemingly nothing. This also means, though, that the terms and rules of creating fall under the framework of God's laws. These are: 1) You are a divine being who has free will and can co-create 2) Being divine, you can create through the divine mind and heart 3) God's laws help you to create, these being the following: Our spirits are unlimited and can create anything through visualization, belief, trust and emotion. WE can bring "heaven" down to "earth." This means that we use this universal law of creation to create our dreams through our imagination here on Earth. If we believe that we are REAL co-creators and have unlimited power to bring into creation what we create in the mind, then we can bring to ourselves the necessary resources to MANIFEST OUR DREAMS. No limitations! So, why am I bringing this up? Because you need to remember that you have the skills and the means necessary to manifest your true dreams.

I strongly encourage you to take the first step now! I believe in you and the universe does too!

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