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God needs no defense

May 27, 2018

God needs no defense. God is changeless and his/her changelessness is eternal  This brings us to first define what this entity is. God simply is the biggest mass there is. The archangels and angels told me this a few years ago and while I do not possess the mental capacity  to fully digest this in  a spatial and energetic sense, I know what it means. God is the air that we breathe, the blades of grass caressed by the  earthly wind,  the flowers that bloom, and the beating heart of mother Earth, the extension of  love in our hearts and souls to each other, as well as the source of all inspiration.


God is universal law.  This means that his/her truths and reality are forever and that because they are permanent and eternal creations, they are changeless and need no defense because they are never subject to change regardless of how many times man reinterprets his idea of "God."  This should be comforting to us all and  a reassurance that God's laws apply to the multiverse of which are a part. 



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