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Healing Insights Oracle + Tarot Reading

Healing Insights Oracle and Tarot Reading is a spiritual service to help you understand the underlying causes and energies of your current life situation. Using the guidance of the Oracle and Tarot cards, this reading will help you gain insight into why you are in your current situation and how you can heal and move forward. With healing insights, you can find clarity and insight to empower you to make the changes necessary to shift your life in a positive direction.

Let's look at the Spread: 

For this reading I will be using the Healing Insight Spread and a combination of Oracle Cards + Tarot Cards for guidance.

Card One - What Energy brought me to my current situation?

Card Two - Who do I need to be to move through my situation?

Card Three - Who in my life can help me move out of my situation? 

Card Four - Who and What do I need to release to move out of this situation?

CardSpreads (4).jpg



Once you purchase the reading, please send me your question about the situation that needs to be addressed.


Please title your email subject: Healing Insights Reading

*Reading will be sent via email in PDF + photos of cards within 72 hours.

No Refunds. 

Cost: [$37]

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